Hair extensions, wigs, toupees – how to change your hairstyle quickly

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Hair extensions, wigs, toupees – how to change your hairstyle quickly

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Every woman has wanted to change her hairstyle radically at least once in her life. A short courageous haircut, extravagant hair colouring, streaks… There are indeed quite a few possibilities. What do you do if you want to go wild but don’t necessarily want to dye or cut your hair? You may decide to use hair extensions, wigs, or tousles We like to tell you how you can quickly and non-invasively change your hair style

Sometimes, there comes a time when you want to completely change your look. Many women then decide to freshen up or radically change their hairstyle. This is a great solution because hair can greatly transform not only your face but also your confidence. However, what if for various reasons you don’t want or can’t opt for permanent coloring, or a haircut? You can opt for wigs, extensions, or toupees! Learn about the benefits of each of these options.

Wigs, a way to completely change your hairstyle

A great solution to completely change your hairstyle in a quick and non-invasive way are wigs. Particularly noteworthy are the natural ones, which will look identical to your real hair – every wig, which has been produced using natural hair, is a guarantee of durability, perfect and natural effect and maximum self-confidence. A good choice are also high quality synthetic wigs, which are nice to touch and can be heat styled. On the plus side, there is also a lot of choice when it comes to the model of your wig. You can for example choose a model like a wig with bangs, a blond wig, a brown or redhead, long wigs, short wigs… whatever you want!

Hair extensions

Beautiful and thick hair can give you incredible charm and self-confidence. This is what you can achieve with hair extensions. This is a great option for women with thin and brittle hair or who suffer from thin parting, androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata. It is a non-invasive solution that will not weigh down the natural strands. Thus, even frequent use will not cause deterioration of the condition of your hair. The effect will be very natural, and you can also choose straight, curly or wavy hair extensions. And how exactly do these hair extensions work? It is very simple: The strands are attached with clip-in clips and the hair is placed on a sturdy net, so attaching the hair extensions is no problem.


Our last solution for a quick hairstyle change are toupees, also known as toppers. They are the perfect alternative when there is a lot of thinning on the top of the head or if there is local hair loss in this area. In addition, it is an ingenious solution to add volume to your hair and create your dream lush hairstyle. Toppers are available in many designs and colors. The models come in light and dark blonde as well as in brown to dark and black shades. So you can be sure to find a topper that perfectly matches your natural hair color. Toppers are usually made of real hair, but you can also find high-quality synthetic models that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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