What curling iron to choose depending on the desired type of curl?

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What curling iron to choose depending on the desired type of curl?

Beautiful curls or subtle waves are the dream of many women. Those who have been blessed by nature with straight hair can enjoy a beautiful hairstyle by using a curling iron. Today we suggest which equipment to choose, depending on what curl you want to achieve on your hair. We invite you to read on!

Curling iron vs. type of curl

Before buying a curling iron, it is worth checking the possibilities of the chosen equipment. It turns out that the effect we can achieve on our hair depends on the shape of the curling iron. Here are the most popular models of hair curling devices, along with the result we can expect from using them:

  • classic curling iron – is equipped with a roller with a clip used to support the hair during curling. In a classic curling iron, the intensity of the curl depends on the diameter of the roller. If you want big curls, choose equipment with a diameter of 32-38 mm;
  • triangle curler – if you care about the effect of geometric curls, the triangle curler will be the ideal choice for you. This result can be achieved thanks to the flattened tip, with which this model is equipped;
  • conical curling iron – its use is a quick way to create fancy waves that will be fine at the ends, but thick at the root. This model, unfortunately, does not include a clip, so that the hair must be held by hand while curling;
  • travel curling iron – this is a compact version of the classic curling iron. Thanks to its small size, you can easily take it with you on a trip or even in a small handbag. So it is ideal for quick fixes during special occasions;
  • multifunctional curling iron – ideal for ladies who like to change their hairstyle frequently. The curling iron contains interchangeable attachments (for example, triangular, conical, crimping, straightening), so you can make dozens of original hairstyles with one device;
  • automatic (spiral) curling iron – a popular model of automatic curling iron is the spiral curling iron, which allows you to curl very precise curls. The device automatically winds strands onto a roller hidden under the casing, thus creating a captivating effect on the hair.

What should you pay attention to when buying a curling iron?

When trying to buy a curling iron, it is worth paying attention to several important parameters. Important is the already mentioned width of the head, which determines the thickness of the curls obtained. Its type is also key. Titanium-doped heads are resistant to all kinds of scratches, which protects hair from pulling and mechanical damage. Curling irons with a ceramic head are also great, as they heat evenly over the entire surface. It is discouraged to buy devices with metal heads, as they do not heat evenly.

When buying, also pay attention to the ability to adjust the temperature. People whose hair is thin and weak should not curl it at high temperatures – strands may be damaged. For this, owners of thick hair can easily use a curling iron heated up to 200℃. That’s why the temperature control of the device is extremely important and necessary.

Additional features of curling irons

More and more curling irons are appearing on the market that are not just for curling hair. Extremely popular are curling-dryers, with which we can model even still wet hair. Also practical are curling irons, with which – depending on the desired effect – we both curl and straighten hair.

main photo: unsplash.com/Giorgio Trovato

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