Raspberry seed oil treatment for face and hair

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Raspberry seed oil treatment for face and hair

Delicious, juicy and loved in the summer season. Perfect for desserts, cakes and cocktails. We are, of course, talking about raspberries. But did you know that apart from their exceptional taste they also have a beneficial effect on our skin and hair? Especially in the form of oil from their seeds, which recently began to enjoy great popularity. Check out how it works and how to use it to get the best results.

5 properties of raspberry seed oil

Raspberries are not only a delicious fruit, but also a rich source of many beneficial substances. Their properties perfectly affect our immunity, support the circulatory system, and also have a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Raspberry seed oil also has a great effect on our skin and hair, but apart from that it has several other interesting properties

  1. Brightens and evens out skin tone

Raspberry seed oil is an excellent source of Omega 6 and 3 unsaturated fatty acids, thanks to which it has a brightening and even skin tone effect. When applied on hyperpigmentation, it helps fight unsightly spots on the skin which are most often caused by exposure to UV radiation

  1. It eliminates free radicals

Raspberry seed oil treatments are also a great way to maintain beautiful, firm skin without wrinkles. The vitamin E and antioxidants contained in it effectively delay the skin aging process and restore its elasticity and softness

  1. It helps to maintain proper skin hydration level

Raspberry seed oil is ideal for all skin types. Thanks to the high content of fatty acids it effectively moisturizes the epidermis as well as supports the protection of natural skin lipid coat, preventing it from drying

  1. It helps fight acne and blackheads

Not many people know that raspberry seed oil is also an excellent weapon in the fight against stubborn blackheads or acne lesions. It has an antibacterial effect and regulates the work of sebaceous glands, additionally, it accelerates healing of all kinds of skin lesions and pimples

  1. It strengthens and conditions hair

Raspberry seed oil also has a great effect on our hair and scalp. It makes it more moisturized and nourished. The hair regains its natural shine and is visibly smoother after a few treatments.


How to use raspberry seed oil in facial care?

Raspberry seed oil can be used in several different ways for facial skin care.

The first is to use it on its own, by applying a few drops of the oil to the face. You only need 3-4 drops, which you should first warm in your hands and then apply to your face, gently massaging. This method is also a great opportunity to perform a relaxing face massage, which restores proper tension and firmness to the skin

If you are not a fan of applying oils to your face, you can also add raspberry seed oil to your favorite day or night cream. This will enhance its effect and provide your skin with many beneficial ingredients with each use

A great way to use raspberry oil is also to make a scrub with it. All you need is freshly ground coffee and a few drops of raspberry oil to prepare not only an aromatic scrub but also a scrub that fights dead skin, which will perfectly prepare your complexion for further skin care stages and will leave it perfectly smooth

Raspberry seed oil in hair care

Raspberry seed oil is also great for the scalp and hair. This is why it is very popular among fans of oiling hair, especially hair with a highly porous texture. Simply apply a few drops of the oil to the ends of your hair and wait a few minutes. For extra effect, the treatment can be applied overnight to make the hair regain its natural shine and become noticeably stronger

You can also add raspberry seed oil to your favorite conditioner or hair mask to boost its effect and your hair will thank you with a great look

As you can see, raspberry seed oil is a great solution for people who have problematic, irritable skin and clogged pores. It also works great on the scalp and hair. It is worth remembering, however, that in order for it to be fully effective, it should come only from verified sources, such as stores with organic food or drugstores offering EKO products

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