How to make a hand scrub?

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How to make a hand scrub?

Hands are the business card of every person. Every day we do not spare them and expose them to harmful external factors, such as temperature and chemicals. So it is important to take care of hand care treatments once in a while, a great example of which is a scrub. In this article you will learn how to properly perform it. 

What are the types of scrubs?

There are two basic types of hand scrubs – mechanical and enzymatic. Mechanical scrubbing involves applying a cosmetic that has particles in its composition, and then rubbing it on the hands. This movement makes us get rid of dead skin, and the skin becomes smoother. These particles are sugar, salt, sand or crushed seeds, depending on the cosmetic. Enzyme peeling, on the other hand, works without force. The cosmetic containing the appropriate enzymes or acids is applied to the hands and rinsed off after several minutes. The effect after using both types of scrub should be very similar. 

How often to perform a hand scrub? 

The frequency of hand peeling depends on individual needs. It is influenced by the condition of the hand skin. If it is exposed to irritants and dry, it is worth performing it even two or three times a week. If, on the other hand, the skin looks healthy – one treatment per week is definitely enough. After using the scrub, it is worth immediately applying a moisturizer, as it will be perfectly absorbed. 

Is hand peeling necessary?

It is difficult to find an answer to this question. It all depends on whether the skin of your hands is prone to dryness and cracking. If yes, then it is necessary to get rid of dry cuticles and create the right conditions for the absorption of moisturizing and regenerating cosmetics. If not – the choice is yours. Peeling is worth doing in spite of everything, because you never know when the condition of the skin on your hands will deteriorate, and even the changing weather can have an impact.

How to make a hand scrub at home?

Preparing a hand scrub at home is very easy. You will need a few things.

  • sugar or coffee;
  • olive oil or olive oil;
  • a few drops of lemon juice;
  • optional 2 drops of essential oil;
  • a jar for storage.

Mix all the ingredients together and put them in a jar. It is important that the scrub has a fairly compact consistency. The sugar or coffee particles must not float in the oil. You can store such a mixture in a closed jar for up to a dozen days. Observe, however, whether anything happens to the scrub. If it has changed consistency or color – throw it away.

How to take care of your hands?

Taking care of your hands is not easy. However, it is worth knowing some tips that can help. An important point is to regularly cream your hands. Ideally, you should do it after every time you wash your hands. In winter, remember gloves – hands do not like the cold! And when cleaning and doing household chores, don’t forget to wear disposable gloves to avoid exposure to detergents. If you have a problem with very dry and cracking hand skin, it is worth investing in a special, heavily moisturizing drugstore cream and cotton gloves. In the evening, lubricate your hands with a large amount of this cosmetic and secure them with gloves. Sleep like this, and in the morning wash your hands. You should immediately notice a significant improvement in the condition of your skin. 

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