The curling iron for fabulous hairstyles

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The curling iron for fabulous hairstyles

Do you know that feeling when you should leave the house but you still don’t know what to do with your hair? We’ve probably all been there. To save yourself from unnecessary stress it’s worth getting the perfect curling iron to rescue you!

1. What should you know before choosing your curling iron?

Before you decide on a particular model, you should consider what your hair needs.

Heat can be harsh on fine, highly porous hair. If this is the case, you should get a curling iron that works at 150 degrees Celsius. Thick, low-porous hair will need at least 200 degrees Celsius to be properly styled. Luckily, many companies are meeting these concerns and equipping their curling tongs with a wide temperature range. It is important to use a heat protectant spray on your hair regardless of your hair type. This provides extra protection for your hair

Another element to consider is what curl shape you want. Thin curlers produce tousled curls while thicker curlers produce extended waves. There are also automatic curling tongs and multifunctional curling tongs with replaceable attachments. So whatever your heart desires!

2. Types of curling tongs


The curling iron has a straight, fairly thin (15-25 mm) shaft and a clip on the side, which you can use to hold a strand of hair. The thinner the rollers, the tighter the curls


This curling iron looks like a standard curling iron but has a thicker shaft (30-38 mm). This curling iron gives you Hollywood waves or thick curls


This curling iron’s shaft is shaped like a cone to give you thick curls at the root and tighter curls at the ends. This type of curling iron doesn’t usually come with a clip – it’s worth bearing this in mind


Automatic curlers – some people love them, others hate them. This is because they work in a unique way: The device pulls in a thin strand of hair and curls it by itself. After a certain amount of time, the strand should slide out of the curling iron. The advantages of this system are that you are unlikely to get burned and that each strand will be curled identically. The downside of automatic curling irons is the price – they’re usually more expensive than manual ones. Also of concern is the lack of control over the hair while the curling iron is working and the risk of twisting strands into the device. When using it, be extra careful.


If you still can’t decide on any of the types described above, why not invest in a multifunctional curling iron? It comes with interchangeable attachments and, depending on the model, you can have traditional, spiral, conical, triangular or non curling attachments such as a straightener, brush or crimper.


This is a two-in-one device, so it’s a great option for those who are perpetually late! It’s great for wet styling but it’s important to note that you won’t get perfect curls, but rather curly ends or soft waves


The travel curling iron is a compact version of the traditional curling iron. Its size means it fits in your handbag, so you can take it anywhere

3. What should a good curling iron have?

It’s important to check that the model of curling iron you want has the right shape and temperature range:

  • IONIZATION – prevents static and makes your hair shiny,
  • CERAMIC COATED ROLLER – metal rollers can be bad for your hair,
  • LONG, ROTATING CABLE – makes styling easier,
  • ETULE – keeps the curler intact,
  • A STAND – a heated curling iron can leave marks on a wooden table or floor, so it’s worth having something to put it on!

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to start looking for your perfect curling iron!

Good luck!

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