Fashionable makeup for autumn – get inspired by the latest trends!

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Fashionable makeup for autumn – get inspired by the latest trends!

The autumn-winter season has just begun, so we can’t skip checking out what makeup looks are an absolute hit. Do we go for subtle naturalness? Or do we experiment and go wild? Do we opt for matte or glitter? Read our article and find out the hot makeup trends of 2022 and 2023!

Lines drawn with eyeliner

To start with a strong trend, namely eyeliners. This fall and winter we’re grabbing eyeliners and having fun. Lines can be graphic, geometric, drawn in a cat’s eye – although here a note: let’s decide on them only if we know how to use eyeliner. We have a lot of freedom, plus we can draw not only black lines, but also colored ones. In addition, the catwalks are dominated by bold lines under the eyelids or instead of one drawn swallow – two. A little hint: if you are afraid that something will smear or run off, choose waterproof cosmetics with extended durability.

Red lips in many guises

Since there is a line, there are also strong lips. Reds in all shades – raspberry, brick, blood red, cooler, warmer, pearl, matte – reign supreme. Carefully outline the contour with a crayon, and then fill in with lipstick. Red lips look great both in the company of heavily-touched-up eyelashes and in a no make-up version. At the same time, let’s make sure to moisturize our lips and exfoliate them so that they are soft and without dry skins.

Colorful shadows on the eyelids

The craziness continues. Although it might seem that it is spring that favors colors and pastels, this season is much the same. Above all blues will appear on the eyelids – and that too in daytime makeup. If covering the entire eyelid with such a shadow is too much for us, it is worth at least making a colorful line.

Smoky eyes

Evening makeup can not do without a smoky eye. Smoky eyes is actually timeless, universal and classic, and now it directly conquered the biggest fashion runways. So a soft crayon, graphite shadows and waterproof mascara will come in handy. Remember that the key to success is blending shadows so as to blur all boundaries between colors.

Crystals and other sparkles

There is even more going on on the eyelids. The hot trend is all sorts of shimmers stuck next to the eyes – crystals, zircons, stickers, glitter. Glitter is definitely at a premium, although in the everyday version it can be, for example, just one crystal in the corner.

Make-up no make-up

Finally, there is another long-standing trend, namely natural make-up. It is supposed to highlight our beauty and bring out its best features. On top are lightweight foundations, natural eye shadows, black mascara and moisturizing lipstick. Of course, the basis of make-up no make-up is proper skin care – only then will everything look great on the skin, bringing out a subtle glow.

And for you, which makeup do you like best?

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