How to optically enlarge lips?

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How to optically enlarge lips?

A smile is usually the best way to win someone’s favor and affection and a proven method to break the first ice. In this context, lips also play a huge role. Every one of us dreams of having full and emphasized lips, like those of the stars. Unfortunately, in most cases, nature has not listened to our requests. But as it turns out, to achieve the desired effect, just apply a few makeup tricks.

Forget about painful procedures

Natural methods will not only allow you to achieve a spectacular effect, but also save us from invasive, sometimes painful ways to improve your beauty. Besides, they will not strain our account too much. To get a cool and impressive effect, it is best to use proven makeup tricks and take care of proper lip care. Home methods and proper makeup technique can work real wonders, thanks to which we say goodbye to bland and flattened lips.

How to get the effect of full lips?

Homemade scrub

In order to keep your lips looking nice, you should do some scrubbing on a regular basis. Aside from getting rid of any dry skin that looks unsightly, scrubbing will also improve circulation, moisturize and plump up your lips. A great idea is to make a DIY version with homemade, natural ingredients – we can use olive oil, honey and sugar for this. A good way to enlarge your lips is also rubbing a warming oil into your lips. Eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil works best here. Active compounds from oils, improve circulation, which positively affects the firmness and optical enlargement of the lips. It is a great natural way to get a wow effect.

The power of a lipliner

Another way to enlarge your lips is a simple makeup trick that involves using a lip liner. Lips should be carefully outlined, preferably slightly going beyond their natural outline, which will only enhance the desired effect. Don’t overdo it though, because instead of natural, full lips, you might end up with the complete opposite. Focus on carefully contouring the Cupid’s bow and the center of the lower lip. Remember that nude shades have a magnifying effect. Also, the lipliner should be a bit darker than your natural lip color. You can also opt for a flesh-coloured model.

Highlighter + bronzer

To make lips look bigger and fuller it is worth to use a highlighter and a bronzer, which when applied in a proper way not only cover up face imperfections, but also improve contour and emphasize assets of the lips. Instead of a highlighter you can also use a white crayon. The highlighter should be applied on the Cupid’s bow, and the crayon should be applied under the lower lip. This way you will optically enlarge your lips, which will seem much fuller and nicely emphasized.

Add some shine

The easiest way to enlarge your lips is to paint them with a lip gloss, which thanks to special particles, will add a subtle enlarging effect to your lips. There are also lip glosses on the market which have substances in their composition designed to enlarge your lips. You can also use bright, pearl lipsticks or those in nude color. It is also good to take care of the base under your lipstick – the best solution here is a primer, which not only prolongs the life of your makeup, but also brings out the depth of color from the lipstick and lipstick you use.

Recently it is very fashionable to paint your lips with two lipsticks of similar colors – one lighter and one slightly darker. This trick is to emphasize and enlarge lips. The lighter lipstick covers the whole lip and the darker one only covers the middle part of the mouth to get a spectacular effect.

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