4 signs that there is something troubling going on with your nails! Do not ignore them!

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4 signs that there is something troubling going on with your nails! Do not ignore them!

Nails can be a beautiful decoration of our hands. Sometimes it is worth to take a break from their styling, to take a closer look at their condition – they may show changes in health. In this article we present what you should pay special attention to.

What changes can indicate a disease?

Well-kept nails are often the business card of an elegant and stylish woman. With a wide range of beauty salons have access to many types of manicure treatments. Certainly, every demanding client will find something suitable for themselves. However, nails are not just for decoration. First of all, they protect the delicate nerve endings from damage. What’s more, by analyzing various changes – such as swelling, color, and sometimes also the shape and texture of the plate – you can notice deficiencies of essential nutrients in the body. Sometimes this indicates heart-related or metabolic problems. Here are 4 of the most common worrisome signals to watch out for.

  1. Brown vertical stripes on the nails

In this case, you should be extra vigilant because dark stripes on the nail can be the first sign of melanoma. Although usually this cancer manifests itself as a dark spot on the skin or as a deformed mole, it happens that it appears just under the nail. Such a change should be consulted with a dermatologist

  1. Vertical furrows on a finger or thumb

Although vertical furrows can appear on the nail of any finger, they are most common on the thumb and pinky finger. This is a change that is a result of aging nails and affects most elderly people. Dermatologists even refer to them as “nail wrinkles”. Beau lines, i.e. furrows transverse to the nail plate, can be disturbing. Particularly if they occur in young people and adults, they may indicate a cardiovascular disease or the point effect of toxic substances. It is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible about this symptom

  1. Brittle and fragile nails

This popular symptom is usually due to an improperly balanced diet. It can be changed if you take care of the presence of vegetables and fruits in daily meals, which provide the body with all the necessary vitamins, micro- and macroelements

  1. White discoloration on nails

It is commonly believed that white discoloration in the form of spots on the nails is a sign of calcium and vitamin deficiency. Unfortunately, this is a constantly repeated myth, which strongly contradicts the truth. The phenomenon of white changes on nails is called leukonychia. This disease, otherwise known as vitiligo of the nails, can arise due to zinc deficiency in the daily diet. If it lasts for a short time, it is not dangerous for the body, and after supplementing the amount of this micronutrient, the white spots will disappear on their own

How to take care of healthy and beautiful nails?

Do not neglect nail care, because the plate takes a relatively long time to regenerate. It is worth taking at least 2-3 weeks break from gel or hybrid manicure. Although the effect is captivating, in fact, such treatments strongly weaken the natural nails. Through soaking in acetone, filing and smoothing the surface of the nails become thin, and sometimes even form a concave structure. Changes in the appearance of the plate may also be a symptom of iron deficiency

It is worth taking care of the presence in the diet of egg yolks, cocoa, green vegetables (eg spinach), wheat bran and nuts. Although liver has the highest iron content, it should not be eaten too often due to increased blood cholesterol levels. An alternative option are dietary supplements with well absorbed iron. In winter it is worth taking care of the nail plate hydration. Frost outside in combination with low humidity and very dry air at home causes nails to become particularly brittle. A good solution will be the nourishing preparations for rubbing the plates, which are available at pharmacies. They will help to effectively protect your nails from low temperatures.

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