Are you adjusting your eyebrows by yourself? Avoid these mistakes like hell!

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Are you adjusting your eyebrows by yourself? Avoid these mistakes like hell!

Adjusting eyebrows on your own is not easy. We suggest how to do it in order not to do damage. Avoid these mistakes and everything will go smoothly!

Adjust eyebrows at home: how to do it?

Since the coronavirus is in the world, most beauty salons have been closed. The others, which still provide their services, are so besieged that it would be rather difficult to make an appointment for eyebrow adjustment in the near future. So there is nothing left to do but try to tame them yourself. It is not easy, but it can be done. The most important thing is to avoid some basic mistakes which can spoil the final effect.

Do not use a warped tool! – one of the basic rules you should remember. It is mainly about tweezers. Old, worn-out tweezers are bound to pull out the wrong hairs. Your first attempt at self-adjustment will be a total disaster.

Don’t force yourself – perfect curves on both sides don’t exist! – we know you want Cara Delevingne’s curves, but it’s impossible to create them at home. You probably won’t be able to achieve it even at a salon. Every woman has a different set of eyebrows. Remember that eyebrows are never symmetrically equal. Certainly, the right eyebrow will slightly stand out from the left or vice versa. This is perfectly natural, don’t worry about it. Trying to forcefully align both sides will end up with a hairless brow.

Avoid narrow eyebrows by a wide margin – the fashion for very narrow eyebrows went out of style back in the 1990s. Don’t aim for this effect, it’s a really unsightly “look”.

Use a magnifying mirror, but in moderation – use this mirror to pluck out small, light hairs. For the more visible ones, use a regular mirror, as you’ll see for yourself.

Remove nasal hair (only the very visible ones) – let’s face it, eyebrows that start at the level of your pupil don’t look aesthetically pleasing. However, there is no need to forcefully remove them. If they are only slightly visible, bright and quite short in this part – don’t pluck them out! It will be best to cover these hairs with lipstick or crayon while applying makeup.

How to adjust my eyebrows at home?

You already know what basic mistakes you should avoid when adjusting your eyebrows yourself. You should also take care of the right equipment and tools. We will now briefly describe what you should equip yourself with:

  • first of all, tweezers – without them it would be impossible to remove unnecessary hair. The best one is the one with a slanted tip. This will make the whole process more precise,
  • eyebrow spring – when you see how to use it, it may look a bit scary. In fact, it is a better version of the eyebrow adjustment thread, easier to use and more precise,
  • eyebrow raz or – it’s best if you choose a blade with a built-in brush to comb through your eyebrows. Such a solution works similarly to a trimmer. However, it is a bit easier to use, more convenient and more precise.

With the right tools and the knowledge of what to avoid when adjusting your eyebrows at home, you should be able to do it without any problem. Above all, remember – there are no perfect arches or perfectly symmetrical eyebrows

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