How to slim your figure with outfits? Check how to choose clothes according to your figure

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How to slim your figure with outfits? Check how to choose clothes according to your figure

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An outfit is like a business card. Thanks to it we can express ourselves, feel more confident and emphasize our strengths. It can also become a tool, which will help slim your figure. So how to choose clothes to suit your figure?

Apple shape

The apple figure is characterized by a large bust and belly. Women with this figure also have a small waistline. So what clothes fit you if you have this figure? First of all, you look great in airy, delicate clothes. Feminine tunics, for example, work well. Go for solids or vertical stripes and geometric patterns. This body type will also look good with trapeze-shaped dresses and blouses or long shirts. As far as pants are concerned, slightly flared ones look best. Avoid straight cut jeans, which will make your figure look disproportionate. We want the top of your silhouette to look a bit narrower. You should also avoid necklines, which will make your shoulders and bust look heavy. Dresses with many frills, those cut off under the bust and flared princesses do not go well either.

Pear shape

Pear-shaped women have large hips, bottom and thighs, while their shoulders and breasts are small. The silhouette actually resembles the fruit after which it is named. The best choice for this figure are delicate and slightly flared mid-calf skirts, which beautifully elongate and slim the legs. You will also look great in shirt dresses, especially those with richly decorated shoulders. This will make your upper body look fuller, giving you a nice proportion to your figure. Avoid tight skirts, dresses and skinny jeans, which will emphasize your massive bottom.

Hourglass figure

The hourglass figure is considered the most attractive because it has the most proportionality. You can use this to your advantage, even if you want to hide a few pounds through your outfit. The most important thing is to choose a style that will emphasize the slimmest place, which is the waist. Therefore, choose slim-fit blazers, high-waisted pants and skirts, and dresses with a belt or tapered at the waist. It is also good to emphasize and elongate your neck and décolletage with V-shaped blouses. Avoid too loose and oversized clothes, which will make your figure get lost in them and look massive, as well as clothes with high or low waist.

Inverted triangle

This figure type is characterized by very narrow hips and a flat bottom, but broad shoulders and a large bust. It is the opposite of the pear shape. Its owners will look good especially in kimono blouses, suits with longer jackets and loose, fabric pants. Blouses with butterfly sleeves are also a good choice. It is also a good idea to emphasize your legs to take some attention away from the massive top. You can do this with ruffled dresses, slit dresses and princeska skirts. If you have this type of figure, rather avoid deep necklines, rich embellishments in the shoulder and bust area and dresses and blouses with thin straps.

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