Stylish tracksuit in the home office era – how to create fashionable sets?

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Stylish tracksuit in the home office era – how to create fashionable sets?

Home office nowadays is a convenience and security. Work at home should be comfortable for us and bring results. That is why the right outfit is extremely important, which should not only be practical, but also fashionable! How to create stylish and comfortable sets? We answer this question in the text below!

Remote work these days is extremely strongly promoted. In this case, the right clothes are the key to success – they should be both fashionable and comfortable. After all, unforeseen conferences and video calls with superiors are quite common

Determine your style

Simple tricks aren’t enough to make working from home more enjoyable. For starters, you need to determine what style you prefer. Is it sporty or maybe more elegant? There are casual sweatshirts available in many stores that are sporty and very comfortable. The cut of the clothes is very important. Oversized sweatshirts are not a very good choice, because you can quickly forget about your duties and indulge in sweet laziness. The most important thing is to create sets that fully meet our needs, both aesthetic and practical

Bet on tried-and-true cuts and materials

The list of comfortable clothes for around the house is very long. It can include leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or knit dresses. However, before shopping for your home office, you should check the fabric composition carefully. Higher quality fabrics are responsible for their comfort and longer usefulness. One or two washes will certainly not ruin them. Moreover, clothes made of airy fabrics work best at home. Don’t hesitate to invest in cotton pants and sweatshirts, while wide cashmere sweaters will also work well. If you have a higher budget, we recommend investing in clothes made of exclusive materials, such as silk. There is no shortage of bomber jackets or blouses made of such fabrics on the market. If you like tight-fitting clothes, cotton-elastane sets will be a hit. Mixes of natural fibres with synthetics are also a good choice. The most important thing is that the latter are only accessories

Sporty outfit for work

If you’ve been going to the gym or gymnastics classes after work, then sportswear can now be used for work. We are talking about high-quality tracksuits with a very good composition. From the models offered by stores, you should choose those that have a loose fit. Ideally, they should have in the composition of 100% cotton, possibly elastic additives. Too tight clothes can inhibit the outflow of blood from the legs, which in the future may result in varicose veins. What else should you pay attention to? Obviously the colors. Black clothes do not motivate to work at home. It is better to choose those in more vivid colors. In addition, if on the label there will be information about the admixture of microfiber fibers, this is also a very good sign. This means that the clothes will be soft and resistant to damage

High-quality models from Polish brands

An alternative to sports brands are clothes from our local boutiques. Their offer has recently been enriched. First of all, they offer high quality tracksuits made of soft cotton. They are produced in harmony with nature and environmental considerations. Who knows but Polish brands perfectly know the style of Polish women and weather conditions, so the clothes are of the highest quality. Extremely soft sweatshirts and fitted tracksuits are a recipe for success. The stores are dominated by minimalist designs, which have been set in a subdued palette of colors. Greys, beiges and immortal pastels are the colors which reign in the home office. They add energy, effectively stimulate and motivate to work. There is no shortage of sweatshirts and T-shirts with pop culture prints in the brands’ collections. This season’s popular motifs include Chupa Chups, Coca Cola and those from the TV series Friends or the movie Star Wars. This year home office work is all about fashionable and comfortable clothes

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