Learn 5 tricks for thrifty girls!

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Learn 5 tricks for thrifty girls!

Frugal does not mean stingy! You can buy your favorite cosmetics and not have an empty wallet afterwards. You just need to know how to manage your money.

Girls often spend a lot of money on cosmetics, hairdressers and clothes. It turns out that you can easily save on these small pleasures. You just have to know how! British journalist Tanith Carey has even created a guide to saving money at the drugstore, which was published on “The Sun” portal. Let’s see what she suggests!

  1. Vaseline under the places that we spray perfume

Perfume is one of the most expensive cosmetics. And a small bottle often runs out at a staggering rate. So in order to use them longer, it is enough to lubricate your collarbones, neck or wrists with petroleum jelly before application. Then you only need less perfume, and the scent will last longer on the body

  1. You can sharpen your shaver on… jeans!

Most of us use disposable razors for epilation, and these, as we know, wear out quickly. It’s estimated that, on average, they can be used about five times. Carey encourages you to sharpen your razor by running it over your jeans, so it stays sharp and can be used – mind you – up to four times longer than usual!

  1. Cosmetic pads are worth cutting

Cosmetic pads, or so-called cotton balls “go like water”. We use them in almost wholesale quantities. And often they are barely dirty because we only need a piece of the pad to wipe something. So cut them in half – it really works!

  1. Cut the packaging

Very often the packaging of cosmetics is constructed in such a way that we think we have run out, although there is still quite a lot of it on the bottom. That’s why it’s a good idea to cut off the top part and use the product to the last drop.

  1. Fix your manicure… with vinegar

Before painting it is worth to soak your hands in a bowl of water for a while. Then the plate will be better prepared to accept the polish and as a result it will last longer. This trick will make us paint our nails less often, so the nail polish will last longer

Main Photo: Daria Rem from Pexels

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