How to style flip-flops for everyday use?

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How to style flip-flops for everyday use?

Flip-flops are a worldwide hit. Women love them! How to wear them on a daily basis?

Flip-flops are a type of footwear that can have countless faces. As a result, they can be matched with almost any styling. How to wear them on a daily basis?

Flip flops perfect for the beach

Flip-flops, or popular flip-flops with a distinctive strap between the toes, have enjoyed unflagging popularity for several years. This model has its supporters and opponents. There are those who believe that flip-flops are incredibly comfortable, and those who are unable to wear them because they find the joining of the footwear between the toes extremely uncomfortable. However, this is a model that has reigned supreme on the beach for years. 

Many ladies also allow themselves to wear flip-flops on a daily basis, such as with summer dresses. Then, however, it is better to bet on slightly more elegant models than the simplest foam ones. 

Flip-flops an ally of casual styling

Casual style is very popular. It is a perfect combination of everyday casualness with a touch of elegance. To a shirt or sweater you can successfully wear your favorite jeans. And to this perfectly match flip-flops. They can be simple, classic, with braided straps or thick straps that give the impression of being inflated. Flip-flops with a wide strap and a bow tied on it are also a cool option. The plus side of such an outfit is that it looks interesting and is incredibly comfortable!

Sports flip-flops instead of sneakers

In summer, when the sun shines quite intensely outside the window, sneakers may not work. Instead of them, you can easily wear sports flip-flops made of plastic. All major brands, such as Nike or Adidas, have them in their offer. Such models can be worn with sweatpants, leggings and a top, etc. 

Heeled flip-flops good for everything!

Colorful flip-flops on a low heel, the so-called “duck”, are comfortable and look sensational, if you wear them, for example, with a long, flowy skirt or dress. They can also be worn with overalls. They look elegant and chic, plus they are comfortable and the foot does not sweat – as you can see, the very advantages!

Flip-flops for lovers of boho style? Of course!

Women who wear boho style on a daily basis can also bet on flip-flops. In this case, however, models with various tassels, pom-poms, strings and other decorations will work well. Cork soles and linen strings and ties will also be good ideas.

Flip-flops for work? Of course

Many women wonder whether it is appropriate to wear flip-flops to work. The answer is simple – of course it is. Just choose the ones with heels, which are very elegant and look great in combination with an elegant skirt or pants with edge. You can bet on models that cover the toes, nowadays the so-called tops, which a dozen years ago were a real hit, are coming back into fashion. 

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