Sportswear for summer – what to pay attention to?

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Sportswear for summer – what to pay attention to?

Beautiful summer weather can encourage physical activity. However, at this time of year, you should pay special attention to the outfit in which you want to practice sports. Poorly selected clothing can spoil all the joy of exercise, so it is worth taking a longer moment to choose it. Check out what you should especially pay attention to in order to fully enjoy the movement.

The outfit in which we practice sports should, above all, be comfortable. This is especially important in summer, when we sweat more than when exercising in other seasons. But what does the slogan comfortable outfit mean? Let’s find out!

Clothing that breathes

Sweat is a natural consequence of physical activity. In summer, due to the high air temperature, the body produces even more of it. That’s why it’s so important to wear clothes sewn from natural materials during exercise, which quickly wick away moisture and leave the skin dry. These include cotton and linen – they allow great air circulation and absorb perspiration, making them perfect for sports.

Sportswear manufacturers have also created special functional clothing for particularly physically active people. It is sewn from high-quality synthetic materials. This makes it fit perfectly to the figure, comfortable to wear, and the lack of seams minimizes the risk of irritation and bruises. These fabrics, despite the fact that they are synthetic, perfectly wick away moisture.

Pay attention to the cut

When choosing sportswear, cut is more important than size. It has become established that loose, non-fitting clothing is the most comfortable for exercise – nothing could be further from the truth. The clothes in which we exercise should fit our figure as well as possible, so that they do not restrict movement.

Don’t forget underwear

When choosing an outfit for exercise, we must not forget about the right underwear. It, too, is of considerable importance when it comes to comfort during exercise. In summer, it is worth betting on thermoactive underwear, which will not heat us up and perfectly wick away moisture. If we opt for seamless models, we will avoid unpleasant chafing and discomfort. When choosing underwear, it is worth noting whether the material from which it is made has antibacterial properties – it will nullify unpleasant odors.

You also can not forget about the right bra, which will support your breasts and relieve pressure on the spine.

Proper shoes

For many sports, proper footwear is crucial. Old tennis shoes or worn-out sneakers may not work. It is much better to invest in athletic footwear that is designed for physical activity. It should be comfortable and effectively cushion your steps. The sole is also key: if you are jogging in the city, choose shoes with a thick sole. For training on natural ground, trail shoes with soft tread will be ideal.

Protection from the sun

In summer, especially when exercising outdoors, sun protection is key. That’s why you should think about appropriate headgear to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. A baseball cap made of stretchy fabric is ideal. You can also tie a multifunctional scarf on your head. Remember to apply sunscreen before every time you go out in the sun.

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