Berets, caps, hats – what to combine them with?

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Berets, caps, hats – what to combine them with?

The market offers us a plethora of headwear and each one of them goes with something different, plus many of them come in different types and kinds. You may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma, but here are some styling ideas to help you look stylish and modern without being a messy winter accessory.


Many people often worry that the beret will stand out too much, will be the piece of clothing that clearly shows that it is already “too much”. However, this can be prevented by keeping makeup minimal. Take inspiration from the French, who are known for their subtle approach to beauty, and opt for a slightly berry-colored lip, paired with soft makeup or blush. You can also accentuate your lashes a bit with mascara.

The beret goes well with transitional outfits (e.g. long-sleeved dresses or flouncy blouses) and adds a feminine touch to your spring style

This stylish headwear does not have to be worn only with coats and strictly French style (although there is something fabulous about frills, transparent fabrics, pearls and flowers that will make you feel like you are in Paris). Berets for women can also be paired with a biker jacket to add something of a rock and roll feel. On the other hand, a different material will add a modern touch. You can get a cap that is made of patent leather or neon, which will also come in handy when creating a street style


Throughout the centuries, there have been tons of types and kinds of hats, and each one is reserved for a different weather, occasion and style. We will list a few of them to make it easier for you to find your way around the suggested styles:

  1. Fedora hat – has a soft brim, is usually made of felt, has a rolled brim and a wrinkled crown. It was borrowed by women’s fashion from men, so it works well as a complement to the boyish or androgynous style. This does not exclude combining the fedora with typically feminine clothes. Here, too, the headgear will pass the test. In the past, men used fedoras for typically elegant styling, but nowadays they are worn rather as winter hats in milder climates.
  2. Panama hat – differs from the fedora in the material it is made of and has a higher crown. The use of natural materials will be more comfortable for you and your head in warmer climates.
  3. Boater hat – originated in the 19th century for women, and then it also appealed to men and became a semi-formal complement to styling. Today, boaters are worn by both women and men.
  4. Trilby hat – similar to our first item, but unlike the fedora, the trilby has a shorter brim.
  5. Cloche – a distinctive bell-shaped hat made of a sturdier and more rigid material, but there are exceptions and you may also find knitted, flowy variants. The cloche is a fitted hat, so it should be worn deep enough so that your head fills most of the hat. Depending on the composition and construction, cloches can be formal or casual.


If we’re talking about beanies, we can’t miss outfits using pants and denim. This type of headwear will also go well with suits. You can wear a light gray plaid hat with a matching vest, loose jacket and culottes and combine it with a helmet, a brown chain bag and high-heeled shoes.

For an everyday outfit using the cap, you’ll compose with a black long-sleeved shirt, denim jacket, tight jeans, a grey tweed cap and a knitted scarf. If you’re aiming for something a little more elegant, pair a colorful sweater with a light brown knee-length coat, navy blue pants, a light gray helmet and white lace-up flat shoes.

Women’s hats do not exclude dresses and skirts. You can get a casual feminine look with a black and white checkered midi skirt paired with a black turtleneck, a black helmet, an embellished belt and black suede mid-calf boots. Or you can take a white loose sweater and pair it with a black pleated skirt, brown belt, black hat and black leather gloves.

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