How to buy jewelry?

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How to buy jewelry?

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Jewelry is the perfect accessory to virtually any outfit. It complements the most ordinary clothes and transforms simple outfits into elegant and sophisticated ones. To enjoy good quality, classic jewelry, you need to know not only where to look for it, but also how to buy it. We suggest how to distinguish precious metals and stones from cheap and harmful substitutes

Artificial vs. real jewelry

When buying jewelry an important aspect is the material from which it was made. Plastic or rubber rings covered with metallic paint stain the skin, wear out and damage quickly and unfortunately can be harmful to health. Of course it is not hard to see why they are so popular – the price speaks for itself. Cheap jewelry doesn’t have to be of hopeless quality though! The fact that they are not made of silver or gold does not take away from the high quality and class of the jewelry. For jewelry such as earrings surgical steel is an ideal material. Steel and titanium jewelry is as aesthetically pleasing as the one made of silver, but the price of such trinkets is much lower. Titanium and surgical steel are safe and neutral materials for the body. They do not react chemically with substances in and on the body so they are not harmful in any way, they do not stain the skin and do not rub off because they are not painted

Gemstones versus colored glass and artificial crystals

In good quality jewelry you do not have to worry that the eyelet with a beautiful stone will rub off, lose its color or shape. Unfortunately, in cheap artificial jewelry very often there are not real crystals, minerals and precious stones, but plastic or glass eyelets, formed into specific shapes and dyed to resemble certain expensive stones. How can you tell if what is in your jewelry is real crystal? Most gemstones are capable of leaving a scratch on the glass. Additionally, its color will not be perfectly uniform, there will be visible streaks and discolorations, which occur in nature and are nothing strange. On the other hand, completely evenly colored crystal is a very unnatural phenomenon

Jewelry to match everyday outfits

If you value simplicity and versatility you are probably looking for jewelry that will go well with classic everyday outfits. Short earrings with little decoration and letter necklaces are the most popular jewelry set among women. Such a necklace can be a gift from a loved one or a loved one. The initial you wear can belong to you, your other half or your child and its meaning is your personal business. Also, celebratory necklaces and bracelets are a subtle and versatile adornment that goes with an outfit regardless of its style. If you like to adorn your hands, rings are the perfect decoration to make your fingers look more slender and neat. Just remember not to overdo the amount of jewelry on your hand. If you are married and already wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring on your hand, don’t add much more jewelry. Too many rings can look inelegant or even comical

Always choose jewelry made of tested and safe materials. Check carefully what you get and buy so you don’t overpay

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