What fragrance notes should dominate in autumn?

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What fragrance notes should dominate in autumn?

Heavier, chypre, oriental – is it worth changing your perfume in autumn, just as we do with our closet? Certainly! We give you a hint on the subject. Read our article and check not only which fragrances to bet on, but also whether it’s better to reach for eau de toilette or perfumed water? 

Eau de toilette or perfumed water – which will be better for autumn?

On store shelves – virtual as well as real – we have a lot of flacons with different designations. The most popular of these are EDP and EDT. Thus, the former stands for eau de parfum, or eau de parfum, while the latter stands for eau de toilette, or eau de toilette. 

How do they differ? First of all, the content of fragrance oils, and thus the intensity of the fragrance. Perfumed water has between 10% and 20% of them, while eau de toilette has between 5% and 10%. As you can easily guess, its fragrance is softer and lasts shorter. It’s also cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it’s more worthwhile. Sometimes this is not the case at all – we can use it up much faster if we have to spray our body twice a day to smell beautiful. So it happens to be less efficient.

In autumn, when it’s getting colder outside, we wrap ourselves in scarves, celebrate evenings under a blanket with tea, it’s worth tempting to go for a stronger aroma and more intense fragrance notes, but about that in a moment.

Autumn fragrance notes – which ones to choose?

The transitional season is unique and atmospheric, so let’s look for distinctive notes and unobvious combinations in perfumes. Summer is fresh, usually citrus or floral, while in autumn you can indulge in fragrance madness. 

Importantly, each aroma will smell different on each of us. It develops after contact with the skin, and first we smell the head note (immediately after opening the flacon, mainly fruity notes, which smell most intensely for about half an hour after application), then the heart note (floral and spicy aromas that last up to about two hours) and the depth note (strong aromas that volatilize most slowly and are noticeable for several or even several hours).

So which fragrance notes to choose? First of all, sweet, reminiscent of caramel, pralines or aromatic coffee, spicy, oriental, more essential and deep, which in summer could be too dominant and overwhelming, but in autumn are ideal. So let’s reach for ambergris, moss, vanilla, rose, bergamot, woody notes, cardamom, saffron, marzipan, dates, musk, amber, iris or sea shells.

Recommended perfumes for autumn include: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Oud Fleur, Dior Hypnotic Poison, Valentino Noir Absolu, Thierry Mugler Alien, Giorgio Armani Si Intense or Lancome Tresor La Nuit. At the same time, let’s pay attention to the bottles themselves – it’s no coincidence that they are darker in color, deep in hue. So, just by the bottles themselves you can easily distinguish light fragrances for summer from autumn perfumes.

Which of them will you choose? What notes do you most like to feel on your skin? We wish you successful shopping!

main photo: unsplash.com/Edoardo Cuoghi

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