Top 10 fragrances perfect for winter!

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Top 10 fragrances perfect for winter!

Winter is the time when beautiful scents float in the air, enveloping and warming the whole body. When choosing the perfect winter perfume, you should be guided by its fragrance notes. They should be sensual and warming. The most recommended for this time of year are accords of vanilla, ragweed, musk and woody aromas.

Undoubtedly, perfumes for winter should be a bit longer lasting and more intense than their spring counterparts. Below we present 10 perfumes that are the perfect choice for the coming winter days.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent – Mon Paris Intensément

This perfume wraps with its sensual fragrance. The scent transports you to the French capital of fashion – Paris. The initially perceptible notes are juicy black currant, raspberry and pear. The longer the scent is on the body, the more strongly the essence of orange and sweet bergamot can be felt. After the aromas are fully developed on the skin, the scent of roses, peonies and freesia remains, and all this is based on a woody composition consisting of patchouli, benzoin and cashmeran

  1. Calvin Klein – Deep Euphoria

Calvin Klein perfumes evoke a true euphoria of the senses. It is passionate, sensual and bold. Fresh notes of Cascalone and white pepper come to the fore, followed in a moment by rose accords, peony, jasmine and enveloping woody notes. The whole ends with a scent of musk and patchouli, which remains long on the skin

  1. Guerlain – Mon Guerlain

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum makes every woman feel special. This perfume is characterized by an oriental-woody aroma. At the first use, you feel mainly bergamot and lavender, but then the fragrance of the eau de parfum develops beautifully. On the skin, you can feel the enveloping scent of vanilla and sandalwood

  1. Lancôme -Tresor Midnight Rose

It is a perfume that captivates with its scent. They are sensual, provocative and extremely attractive. Their key essence is sweet rose and wild raspberry, which add a bit of floral-fruity aroma to the woody notes. All this is softened by notes of vanilla

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  1. Armani – Sì

This is an Italian eau de parfum that women all over the world fell in love with. On the skin first develops sweet and intense notes of black currant, to be later broken by the scent of freesia and rose. Everything is complemented by the woody aroma of ambroxan, patchouli and warming vanilla

  1. Gucci – Guilty Intense

This is an extremely expressive perfume, sensual and oriental-floral. At the beginning, delightful notes of pink pepper combined with mandarin. Next, there are floral notes, in which the scent of lilac plays the leading role. The whole composition is based on a sweet and woody base, and the dominant aromas are spicy ambergris and patchouli

  1. Carolina Herrera – Good Girl

This is one of the most beautiful perfumes that have been created in recent years. They are characterized by a beautiful, deep scent. They combine girlish joy and adult elegance. What is behind their uniqueness? Certainly the beautifully developing aroma of almonds, which was enriched with tuberose accords. At the end, sensual notes of cocoa and tonka bean develop

  1. Kenzo – Jungle L’Éléphant

It is easy to fall in love with this eau de parfum. It is the perfect choice for colder days. It combines sensual, oriental and spicy notes. At the very beginning, there is a striking scent of cardamom, which is then replaced by the aroma of ylang-ylang flowers and sweet licorice. The base of the fragrance consists of sweet vanilla and earthy patchouli

  1. Paco Rabanne – Olympéa

It is an unusual fragrance, making a woman feel free and strong. It is characterized by a fresh, strong, floral-oriental fragrance. The notes that come to the fore are fresh chords of mandarin and jasmine, which compete for attention with the scent of ginger flower. The whole composition is based on strong, captivating notes of vanilla, and the base of the fragrance is cashmere wood and real ambergris

  1. Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

Charming, beautiful fragrance that delights everyone. Great for long, winter days. It is characterized by a combination of fruity notes of pear with the scent of orange and pink pepper. All this is tinged with a coffee aroma, and finished with a warming vanilla

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