Bracelets on a string – where did their phenomenon come from?

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Bracelets on a string – where did their phenomenon come from?

A delicate and subtle bracelet on a string is a perfect addition to any outfit. Where does this phenomenon come from and why is this type of jewelry so popular among women?

Hundreds or even thousands of years ago string bracelets were worn by women as well as men. The handmade pieces adorned the hands and also had many other uses. They were worn as a symbol of protection from evil forces, they also symbolized faith, luck, and strength. They reminded people of their vows – including the marriage vow just like wedding rings do nowadays

Their exact history is unknown, but our knowledge of bracelets is extensive when it comes to the hippie, and more specifically boho, style. At the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, the followers of this “lifestyle” wore bracelets on a string. They were braided by hand, made of thongs and strings. They were supposed to symbolize the two most important maxims of hippies: freedom and friendship. Later on, the wearing of this kind of accessories passed on to teenagers all over the world. Today string bracelets with beautiful, decorative pendants are chosen by women who want to emphasize their style. It is extremely rich in symbolism accessory, which has its history back in antiquity or maybe even earlier. This subtle element will perfectly match any outfit, because you can choose from dozens of colors. Probably because of the variety of choices they have become so popular.

Red – symbolic and beautiful color

In the offers of both online and stationary stores you can find a category or shelf, which was created mainly for the purpose of string bracelets. It is not difficult to notice that solutions made in red color prevail there. Red has a very rich history and symbolism. What is interesting, in practically every religion we can read about the meaning and action of red or scarlet thread. It is so in the Bible, ancient Chinese legends, Buddhism, Hinduism and Kabbalah. Protection from evil, assurance of good, a symbol of happiness, protection, humility, love or a sense of connection. This is why it is often chosen by women also in our country. An accessory in this color will perfectly emphasize a blood-colored dress, perfectly contrasts with a cream creation, and also meets the expectations of women who decide on a slightly more sporty clothing. Cord itself is not an elegant solution, but in combination with a beautiful – often gold or silver pendant, it looks perfect. Of course there are many other colors of cord available. A good choice is brown or navy blue – subdued colors, matching almost everything!

Very universal choice

What is the phenomenon of bracelets on a string apart from beautiful colors and symbolism? It is a very simple question! First of all we can offer you a wide range of bracelets, both for the cord and for the pendant. For those who are interested the stores offer infinity, heart, foot, wing, clover, cross or circle motifs, among others. Each of them symbolizes something. The bracelets are characterized by universal size, so you can easily fit them to your wrist. They are very fashionable, subtle and delicate. Moreover, they look great when combined with other elements on the wrist, such as watches or bracelets on straps. Solutions on strings allow you to express your style, values or character. They remind what the wearer thinks about, what he aspires to and what he wants to achieve. However, that is not all. Thanks to their versatility and variety of choice they are a great choice as a gift for a loved one. What is important, it does not matter the age, interests or character – the choice is so big that matching the bracelet will not be a problem

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