Jewelry for the bride – timeless solutions

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Jewelry for the bride – timeless solutions

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Wedding outfit should be perfected in every detail. Therefore, it is important that on this special day every detail harmonizes with each other – and such an important detail is jewelry. Find out how to choose jewellery to look phenomenal on the wedding day.

The color of wedding jewelry

Let’s start with the fundamental thing, which is a properly chosen color of jewelry. It is important to choose the right shade for your beauty. So think about whether it is cool or warm. How to find out? The easiest method is to assess the reflectivity of your natural hair – if it reflects light in silver, your beauty is cool and if it reflects light in gold, it is warm. Another unusual method is to check the shade of the veins on your wrists. Holders of blue or purple ones mostly have a cold beauty, while ladies with green veins have a warm one. If you already know what type of beauty you have, you can move on to choosing a shade of jewelry.

Jewelry for cool beauty type

For “cool” women the best choice will be silver or white gold and white diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Blue and white sapphires and moissanite will also work well. Such jewelry will go perfectly with a snow-white or delicately pink dress.

Jewelry for warm skin type

For ‘warm’ women the best choice will be classic or rose gold. Also stones like green diamonds or zircons are best. You can also opt for classic white stones like diamonds as long as they are combined with gold. This type of jewelry will go well with a gown with beige tones.

Jewelry and wedding dress

Jewelry is a beautiful and striking complement to a wedding dress. So it is important that it goes perfectly with it. If your dress is heavily decorated, for example with crystals, you should opt for a little more modest jewelry. This way you will avoid the effect of an overly shiny “Christmas tree”. If, however, you have decided on a simple and delicate dress, then you can diversify it a bit. An interesting suggestion in this case is artistic jewelry or betting on one strong accent – long and impressive wedding earrings or rich necklace. It is also worth remembering that the jewelry must match the neckline of the dress. If it is undeveloped and simple you have total freedom of action. But if it is richly decorated or built-up, for example, halter neckline, it will be better to give up the necklace in favor of earrings and bracelets. Also consider the style of your dress and the wedding as a whole. For a boho style dress modernistic jewelry will not fit – delicate floral motifs or even feathers will work better. However, you will not wear them, for example, on the wedding in the style of glamour. So it is important to match jewelry, so that it creates a stylistic whole.

What to watch out for?

When it comes to wedding jewelry, there are also a few pitfalls to watch out for. For example, if you have decided on beautiful, large earrings, and in your everyday life you prefer those smaller and therefore lighter, it will be a good idea to get your ears used to the greater weight. A few days before the wedding, start wearing the earrings for a few hours during the day to get used to them and avoid pain on your special day. Another pitfall can be bracelets snagging on your dress. This happens especially if the bottom of the gown is tulle. So it’s worth checking this out so that you can enjoy yourself during the wedding without any interruptions – it’s your day after all!

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