Bra as top. How to wear this trend without looking vulgar?

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Bra as top. How to wear this trend without looking vulgar?

A bra instead of a blouse is one of the hottest trends of the last few seasons. It is a perfect proposal for all self-confident, liberated women who like to draw attention to themselves. How to wear a bra as a top without looking vulgar? Here are some fashion tips that may prove to be extremely helpful in creating this type of non-standard styling.

How to wear a bra as a top?

Contrary to appearances, exposing underwear does not have to be vulgar. By skillfully combining different clothes together, you can create sensual, intriguing, eye-catching outfits that will help you stand out from the crowd.

How to wear a bra instead of a blouse? There are several solutions to choose from. When creating such styling, the focus should be on not showing excessive nudity. Instead it is worth betting on a subtle revealing of the secret, exposing only a part of the underwear. How to do it? The first suggestion is to combine the bra with a loose, oversize shirt or jacket. It is best to fasten a few buttons and expose a part of the bra. For what occasions is this outfit suitable? It is a perfect choice for a romantic date with your other half, a meeting with friends for a drink or a party in a club with your girlfriends. What should the bottom part of the outfit look like? This goes well with a pair of tailored pants, cigarrettes or a long pleated skirt.

Lace bras are most often used for this style. No wonder – it looks extremely sensual and feminine. As far as colors are concerned, black and shades of red are leading. This type of bra looks very good when combined with a loose sweater falling over one shoulder and leather pants. Nothing stands in the way of combining it with airy maxi dress in boho style.

The top can also be worn with everyday casual outfits. An interesting proposition is the combination of a long, loose, buttoned cardigan and skinny jeans.

What bra to wear instead of a blouse?

It is worth realizing that not every type of underwear is suitable for outfits where the bra serves as a top. A good solution will be a lace bra, which will give the outfit a feminine and romantic, and at the same time sensual and sexy character. Another proposal is satin bras, which look extremely elegant, making them an ideal solution for evening outfits. You may also be tempted to wear a corset or a half-corset. This is a proven way to highlight women’s curves and emphasize the waistline. Another suggestion are bralette bras, also called bralettes. They are effective in arousing imagination and are perfect for clothes with deep neckline.

What instead of a bra?

Don’t like wearing bras and have small breasts that don’t need support? Below we present the best, comfortable, stylish alternatives to the bra. The first suggestion is this season’s extremely fashionable elastic bandage crop tops. They look great when matched with a loose, oversize jacket, for example. Crop tops are available in many different styles. You may choose from a wide bandage top or a tight-fitting top with thin or slightly thicker shoulder straps. What else can you wear instead of a bra? Many women like to wear strapless shirts. On store shelves you can find both classic, cotton models, as well as tops finished with sensual lace, which look extremely sexy. Extremely practical are models in flesh-colored – they are even perfect under a white blouse or a shirt or a semi-transparent dress. Don’t like bras? Wear a bodysuit! It will effectively hold the bust in place, while guaranteeing high comfort of wearing.

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