Exfoliation is a must in autumn care

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Exfoliation is a must in autumn care

Exfoliation of our skin is always worth remembering. However, it is especially important in autumn, when we regenerate our skin after frequent sun exposure and sunbathing. What are the advantages of exfoliation? How to perform them properly? Is it possible to overdo it with exfoliation? We answer these and other questions in the following article.

Exfoliation involves getting rid of keratinized epidermal cells. As we age, the body gets worse at getting rid of dead skin, and it is important to be able to replace it with new skin. When old cells begin to accumulate on the surface of the skin, it becomes rough, dull and gray. In addition, dead skin can clog sebaceous glands, resulting in pimples.

Why is it important to exfoliate dead skin regularly?

Every day, as a result of natural processes, a thin layer of dead skin accumulates on our skin. Exfoliation is aimed at removing it and exposing the newly formed cells. This will not only make our skin look better, but also better accept the active ingredients contained in creams and other cosmetics. Then the complexion will breathe better, blood circulation will improve, and all kinds of pimples will be eliminated and will form less often. Performing exfoliation also helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

What is the danger of not exfoliating dead skin?

If you forget to exfoliate your skin regularly, a layer of dead skin will accumulate on it. This will affect our appearance, among other things. The face will be gray, rough and dull, pimples and blackheads will appear on it. Lack of regular exfoliation can also weaken the effect of skin care cosmetics, and poorer absorption of nutrients affects the faster formation of wrinkles.

How to perform peeling?

Face and body scrubbing is quick and painless. So you can easily find a moment for this short but necessary procedure. You can buy a ready-made scrub in the drugstore with your favorite fragrance, or prepare your own. For this you can use, for example, ground coffee or honey with sugar. Remember, however, that bought scrubs have more nutrients in their composition – those made by yourself may lack them.

Apply the scrub to the washed body or face and massage gently, avoiding rubbing the skin too hard. Be careful not to let the cosmetic get into your eyes. After effectively exfoliating the dead skin, wash off the scrub with lukewarm water and apply a lotion or moisturizer.

How often to perform peeling?

Exfoliation of dead skin will bring real results only when we perform it regularly. It is best to do it 1-2 times a week. If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, use a scrub once a week or less often. Exfoliating dead skin too often can lead to water loss, increased sebum production, irritation and even the development of allergies and atopy.

Should every skin type be exfoliated?

Every skin type requires regular exfoliation. You just need to take care in choosing the right exfoliating cosmetics. To get rid of dead skin from the arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen, coarse-grained products are ideal, while for oily skin, a scrub with acne-fighting properties is best.

main photo: unsplash.com/Brittney Weng

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