Brown is back in fashion – check out how to style it!

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Brown is back in fashion – check out how to style it!

Although so far brown has not been a typical summer clothing color, all indications are that the fashion is slowly changing. We can find more and more brown clothing in stores, and even the biggest celebrities and fashionistas are wearing this color. How to wear brown things to look stylish? We suggest!

This summer we bet on brown

So far in the summer, pastels or neons have reigned supreme in our closets. These colors – although so extreme – blended perfectly with the summer climate and perfectly emphasized the tan. However, when Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber presented themselves in beautiful brown ensembles this spring, it was clear that brown would join the holiday color palette this summer.

Brown has more than one name

No matter what shade of brown you bet on this summer – any will look good and fashionable. All coffee shades are stylish: light cappuccino, darker macchiato and distinctive espresso. Also do not forget about caramel brown, milk and dark chocolate.

With what colors to wear brown in summer?

Don’t know what to pair brown clothes with to look good? We present the most fashionable color combinations!

Brown and white

White is a classic neutral color that goes with everything, including brown. This color combination will never go out of fashion. It looks good in formal ensembles for the office. A caramel skirt will go perfectly with a white blouse, and a brown dress will be perfectly complemented by snow-white accessories.

Brown and white will also look good in casual styling. Put together chiffon brown bells and a white blouse with a ruffle. The whole will be perfectly complemented by delicate gold jewelry.

Brown and pink

Pink is a fashionable color every summer. It is ideal for both blondes and gray-haired women. Every woman will look young and fresh in it. Pastel pink looks good with light brown – then you will get a light, pastel styling. Remember that the two colors should appear in equal proportions: you can combine a pink chiffon blouse in boho style with a long, airy brown skirt. For hot days, prepare a pink strapless top and caramel shorts.

Intense chocolate brown looks good with vivid fuchsia or neon pink. Brunettes and women with strong tans will look good in this color combination.

Brown and yellow

Brown and yellow is an original combination, perfectly in line with the holiday climate. These colors go well together, regardless of the shade. However, the type of beauty is important: brunettes will look best in strong, contrasting colors, blondes in bright and vivid, and gray-haired women in pale and cool colors.

If you decide on strong yellow, limit it only to accessories. A brown dress will go perfectly with strong yellow shoes and a handbag. Chocolate pants will be enough to complement with a yellow belt and necklace.

Pastel yellows will be perfect for boho styling. An airy brown skirt and a pastel yellow blouse is a perfect romantic combination.

Brown and orange

This color combination will provide an energetic kick. In addition, it will beautifully highlight your tan. However, remember to match bright orange with deep browns, such as cinnamon or chocolate. Such a combination is good to break with white.

For a light, bleached brown perfectly match accessories in a delicate peach color. Orange will then not dominate the whole styling and it will look really elegant.

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