Do you know what color will be the most fashionable this fall?

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Do you know what color will be the most fashionable this fall?

Some of the hot trends of the season are quite surprising and one thing can be said – there is no boredom! The same is true of the color palette. This autumn there will be a lot going on. We will boldly reach for strong colors! Which ones? Read the article below and you will find out which ones reign supreme at the end of 2022. 

Fiery red and strong fuchsia – the hits of autumn 2022

World catwalks are dominated by reds and fuchsias. Reds can be blood reds, brick reds, cherry reds, cooler reds, warmer reds, but one Pantone shade is making a real splash – molten lava, which means molten lava. It is a strong and truly fiery hue. Let’s not be afraid to use it on large items of clothing, such as coats, down jackets, cardigans and even fur coats. Of course, reds look phenomenal in a total look with a suit or midi dress. We must admit that they are impressive and hard to take your eyes off them.

Along with red, fuchsia is also ultra-fashionable. This mesmerizing, intense pink has been featured by many fashion designers, especially in the head-to-toe version. So let’s stock up on a satin shirt or sweater in this color, a suit, and preferably a coat or cape.

Interestingly, both reds and fuchsias are not reserved exclusively for evening meetings or party looks. We can also successfully wear them to work, for a walk, meeting with friends or shopping. In addition, they are great for sporty outfits, for the gym or jogging outdoors.

What other colors are fashionable this season?

Reds and fuchsias are definitely on the podium of the colors of autumn 2022, but right next to them are others, namely:

  • white – a rather unobvious choice for the cooler season. The white total look is a furore, especially the combination of white jeans with a shirt, sweater or tweed jacket, and a knitted maxi dress;
  • silver – this color is not reserved only for New Year’s Eve or carnival parties. Now we wear it every day. Even an accent in the form of a handbag or hair band is enough, but you can also go bolder and wear dresses, jackets or coats in this shade;
  • yellow – canary colors prevail, but also mustard and sunny colors, reminiscent of the summer months. Let’s bet on one yellow styling element that will brighten up a subdued outfit. Yellow goes well with grays;
  • cobalt – an intense shade of blue looks great on pants, shirts and jackets;
  • orange – there is also a typical autumn color referring to falling leaves. Let’s choose juicy orange coats and soft sweaters, as well as accessories such as hats and voluminous scarves;
  • green – here the hit are shades of bottle, emerald, grass and olive worn primarily with black and brown.

And for you, which of the following is the best to your liking? Are you already planning to buy a coat in a strong color, or perhaps a handbag or shoes? Also remember that, as always, timeless are blacks and shades of brown, which are so versatile that you can match any color with them. Good luck!

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