Colorful heeled flip-flops are a hit this season – check out how to wear them!

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Colorful heeled flip-flops are a hit this season – check out how to wear them!

If you’re looking for the perfect shoes for summer, you can’t go wrong with colorful heeled flip-flops. They are the latest fashion scream of the summer season. These shoes will reign supreme in many a fashionista’s styling. Check out why it is worth having them in your closet and what to wear them with.

Until recently, flip-flops were not considered to be casual footwear. They were rather associated with going to the pool or beach. Today in stores we can find such models, which are suitable even for elegant outings.

Why wear heeled flip-flops in the summer?

In summer we are much more likely to reach for lighter models of footwear that provide our feet with comfort and ventilation. Every summer season in stores we can find lightweight sneakers, airy espadrilles and timeless sandals. For some time now, flip-flops have been leading the way among summer footwear, which follow fashion trends and look beautiful on the foot. A novelty are flip-flops with heels. They provide the foot with adequate comfort and allow the skin to breathe.

Heeled flip-flops for everyone

Heeled flip-flops can be worn by any of us. Among the many models on the market, everyone is sure to find something for themselves. If you do not feel comfortable on a few centimeter stiletto, you can choose shoes on a post or a fashionable ducktail.

What kind of heeled flip-flops to choose?

High flip-flops are a model of footwear worth having in your closet this season. Particularly pay attention to those in pastel colors – they will go perfectly with airy summer outfits. Flip-flops with a square toe return to fashion in a big way – you can’t go past them indifferently! If you like to introduce a bit of extravagance into your styling, choose a model on a wooden post.

If you are looking for something versatile that will work for you in many styles, choose white or flesh-colored heeled flip-flops. These colors will add lightness to your styling and will suit summer outfits. If you don’t like boredom, but you idolize all kinds of glitter, choose flip-flops in gold or silver.

Still do not go out of fashion mules, that is, flip-flops with a built-in front. Most often you can find models with a low heel or a massive post.

Heeled flip-flops for everyday use

It probably doesn’t take anyone to convince you that heeled flip-flops are the perfect choice for summer everyday styling. If you rely on light and airy fabrics in the warm months, choose flip-flops in a pastel color. Such a combination will look extremely fresh. For smooth models with a wide strap, wear a denim skirt or shorts.

Extremely popular are flip-flops with a plaid strap. They will look great with airy dresses or pants with a wide leg.

If you are a fan of boho and hippie styles, in your closet must necessarily include massive flip-flops on a wooden sole. They will fit perfectly with clothes made of linen or embroidered cotton. In addition to them, models with a decorative buckle will also be great.

Heeled flip-flops in elegant styles

Heeled flip-flops are also great for elegant summer styling. You can successfully combine them with women’s suits. Especially well will look short jacket and pants with wide legs juxtaposed with leather flip-flops with a massive heel.

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