Everything you need to know about tonics

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Everything you need to know about tonics

A cosmetic that each of us should have in her makeup bag regardless of skin type. We are talking about toner. Find out why it is a must have!

Tonic is one of the basic cosmetics to improve the condition of the skin, but very often its use is omitted in daily skin care, because we are not aware of its positive properties

What are the functions of a toner?

The most important is to restore the skin’s proper pH. The natural pH of the epidermis is about 3.5-5.5, which is acidic. Such pH ensures the proper functioning of the skin, microbiological balance and antibacterial action. Water, soaps, face washes and other cosmetics disturb the natural pH of the skin. This contributes to an increased risk of bacterial infections, which will result in the appearance of pimples, acne lesions and blackheads.

Toner is a multifunctional cosmetic that works in several ways. If you want a broader effect than just restoring the right PH, choose one with additional properties. The composition and action should be described on the product packaging. The one richer in nutrients soothes irritation and redness, hydrates, regulates sebum secretion, evens out skin tone, strengthens it, softens it and adds radiance.

How and when should I use the tonic?

We should use it after cleansing our face, usually in the morning and in the evening. When we wash our face in the morning to remove excess sebum, we probably use a special gel or soap. The same applies in the evening or when removing make-up. It is after the contact of our skin with cleansers that we should apply a toner

You can use a cotton ball soaked in cosmetic and gently rub it into the skin of your face. If you perform the cleansing step properly and thoroughly, you can simply pat the product into your hands. If the toner has an atomizer, spray it on your face and then pat it gently into your skin with your fingers

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What should I consider before buying a toner?

The most important thing is that the toner does not contain alcohol! If it does, instead of soothing and hydrating your skin, it will only increase the feeling of tightness, and instead of moisturizing, it may irritate and dry you out. Remember to always read ingredients of cosmetics before buying them! Some toners (usually those designed for oily skin) have astringent/mattifying properties. You should not use them regularly, but only for a while to regulate the level of sebum production. Long-term use of a mattifying toner can irritate and dry the skin

How to choose a tonic for our skin type?

In order for a toner to have a positive effect on our complexion, it has to be properly chosen. As we know, there are many different types of skin – from dry, through sensitive, to oily and acne-prone. The most universal choice is the one for normal skin – here there should be no major problems. If we are dealing with dry and sensitive skin, we need in the composition of the tonic delicate active substances, which will not irritate and will soothe irritation. With oily and problematic skin, it is worth choosing tonics containing ingredients that reduce sebum secretion, unblock pores and have an antibacterial and exfoliating effect

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