Flower dress – simple way to romantic look!

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Flower dress – simple way to romantic look!

The world of plants will not let itself be forgotten also in the coming autumn. Flowers in various formats will dominate women’s closet. What is the most fashionable cut? Definitely the one with emphasized waist and length before the knees. This is an absolute must have, which should be present in every romantic woman’s closet.

Christian Dior, Prada, Antonio Marras, Carolina Herrera and many other fashion houses have been promoting floral patterns for a long time, not only in their spring collections. The pattern, which has been in fashion since time immemorial, is constantly being transformed. Various species appear on fabrics, often asymmetrically arranged. What is in vogue? Undoubtedly, the small leaved pattern is a desirable motif, but it is also worth paying attention to the models of dresses, on which the floral pattern is arranged on a black background – such a treatment introduces harmony to the floral set and adds taste to creations.

the floral pattern is placed on a black background it brings harmony to the floral set and adds taste to the outfit. Depending on the chosen shoes, the whole outfit can be a bit more casual, for example with white sneakers.


@boutique_cicala_vittoria – slightly dark flowers on a black background make the whole look very sophisticated. The dress builds proportions nicely – thanks to the V neckline and the waistline, which is accentuated with a waist belt.


@evamaxima – red flowers and romantic ruffles. The cut, despite the fact that it has a built-in neckline is extremely feminine. The wide long sleeves and slightly flared bottom give the outfit an extra touch.

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