Summer in the City: Hot summer hairstyles and styling ideas

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Summer in the City: Hot summer hairstyles and styling ideas

With the coming of summer, many of us are asking ourselves a question – how to dress fashionably on hot days? What to wear to work and what to wear out with friends? We suggest what rules apply to summer hairstyles.

It is difficult to think about fashion when the heat is beating down on you. However, all successful summer outfits have one goal: to be comfortable and classy. So how to dress in hot weather? What materials to use? What to choose for work, and how to dress for the city? Here is some advice

What to keep in mind?

When you are choosing summer outfits and buying new clothes, remember to choose those made of natural materials – cotton, linen, viscose will do the best. Avoid clothes that are not air-permeable, because they will prevent your skin from “breathing”. So try not to choose clothes, which consist mainly of artificial and non-breathable fabrics, especially all synthetics: nylon, acrylic or, notorious, polyester. Although it is quite obvious, also do not reach for clothes made of thick, heavy fabrics, such as wool. In the summer we can go wild and expose a little more body, but remember to choose the right cut. Often a tight-fitting, tightly cut summer dress will be a worse choice than a linen, airy shirt, even one with long sleeves

How to dress for work?

Although cut-out clothes are the basic choice when it comes to creating summer outfits, we must remember that hot weather does not exempt us from the dress code, especially in more formal situations or at work. It all depends on where exactly we work and what the rules are there. Regardless, we should look neat and classy at work. Leave short crop tops or tightly cut shorts for meetings with friends or shopping. In formal situations, such as company meetings or during work in the office, we should reach for dresses, skirts and blouses of elegant cut. We should also remember about a few rules of dress code, which apply even during hot weather: don’t overexpose your shoulders and neckline, avoid exposing your belly, and when choosing shoes, choose those with more structure. Examples of clothes that you can wear to work on hot days are culotte pants, shirt blouses and airy dresses

How to wear casual clothes?

Fortunately, we are not bound by any particular dress code on a daily basis, and we are only limited by our comfort zone, which differs for each of us. However, there are a few universal solutions on how to dress in hot weather to be comfortable and look fashionable. Apart from choosing the right materials and cuts, we should also remember about our own comfort. Do not wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, despite their summer look. And don’t be afraid to experiment – summer is the perfect time for that!

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