The world’s most interesting shopping malls

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The world’s most interesting shopping malls

Hundreds of thousands of square meters, kilometers of endless alleys, lots of stores and even more customers. The malls offer even more attractions – amusement parks, ice rinks, swimming pools, casinos and even… a wedding chapel.

The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The world’s largest entertainment and shopping mall is located next to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It covers an area of more than one million square meters and is a paradise for shopaholics – they can choose from more than 1,200 stores (including 70 with custom-made clothes) and hundreds of dining establishments.

That’s not all. Visitors can enjoy an Olympic-size ice rink, a 10-million-liter aquarium and underwater zoo, an interactive children’s play and education center, a cinema complex, and an exclusive hotel. Also a highlight is the 150-foot fountain, illuminated after dark, the most photographed spot in The Dubai Mall.

Mall of America, Minnesota, USA

MOA is one of the most visited shopping malls in the world with almost 400 thousand square meters of space. Apart from hundreds of boutiques, we can admire a huge aquarium, Nickelodeon Universe amusement park (in imitation of a children’s TV channel), cinema and… a wedding chapel.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

This is not just a place to shop, but also to watch the weekly fashion shows. It has ten floors and covers an area of about 70,000 square meters. Galeries Lafayette stands out not only for its luxury clothing, footwear, and jewelry brands, but also for its distinctive design with a panoramic terrace, dome, colorful stained glass windows, and balustrades with floral motifs.

Tokyo Midtown Mall, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s department store is a place not only for those who love shopping. In addition to upscale stores, there are a number of additional attractions, such as a wine bar, museum and art gallery, as well as a hospital, the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the workshop of fashion designer Issey Miyake.

Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas, USA

This 46,000 square meter shopping mall imitates… Venice. And not just from the looks of it – you can travel around the mall in a gondola guided by a gondolier. As befits an entertaining Las Vegas, there could not miss the casino, where you can spend (or win) even more money. There is also a nightclub for those who want to have fun.

Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand

Expensive boutiques and plenty of restaurants are not the only things that tempt shoppers and tourists visiting Bangkok. Siam Paragon is also home to an opera house, a giant cinema, and one of the country’s largest aquariums. This aquarium can be admired not only from the outside but also from the inside as thrill-seekers dive with the sharks that swim there.

West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

One of the oldest malls of its kind in the world, which despite its long history attracts customers and still amazes with its design. West Edmonton is not only a shopping mall. On 570 thousand square meters, there are numerous stores and restaurants and… a water park with artificial waves, an amusement park, a zoo and even an indoor lake. There is also a chapel where brides and grooms can get married.

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