Sonic face brush – is this purchase worth it?

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Sonic face brush – is this purchase worth it?

The cult of beauty, which now accompanies us at every turn, forces us to take care of ourselves. This has its good and bad sides. 

Let’s focus on the positives. A well-groomed, healthy complexion, without blemishes, wrinkles, and properly moisturized – is not a bad thing. So, it’s worthwhile to center what we are bombarded with in the media and find out which treatments or devices will work at all. There is more and more talk about sonic face brushes. Do they actually have such a salutary effect? 

Sonic  face brush- what are they used for? 

A healthy complexion requires the use of ideally chosen treatments. If we are going to perform them at home, it is worth getting equipment that will make it significantly easier for us. We are talking about sonic brushes, which cleanse the pores and improve the level of daily care. Thanks to them, you can not only effectively remove makeup, but also reach the deep layers in the skin and replace peeling. And it doesn’t end there. It is also worth mentioning the reduction of wrinkles and giving the skin a healthy look and natural glow. Sonic toothbrushes are equipped with tiny protrusions made of high-quality material – often silicone. The device has a special mechanism that, when activated, sets specific elements in motion and thus non-invasively cleanses the skin or even infuses serum or cream into it. It should also be mentioned that these gentle vibrations are like a pleasant massage and do not cause pain, redness or other damage to the epidermis at all, so they are completely safe for home use. You can use them practically every day, unless you have sensitive or vascular skin, in which case it is better to use the brush once every few days. 

Sonic  face brush- which model to choose?

Of course, there is no shortage of different types of sonic toothbrushes on the market, from the extremely popular ones with silicone, very fine bristles to those made of natural hair. Each of them has its own advantages and works well for different skin types. Therefore, it is best, in order to match an effective and safe product, to check beforehand whether we can use a particular model at all. Strong exfoliation is designed for people with normal, oily and combination skin. However, you should not use it if you have fresh inflammation on the surface of your skin. You can then spread bacteria all over your face. On the other hand, if you own dry skin, you can use the brush in two ways and use it to cleanse your skin, and then apply a serum or your favorite cream to your slightly opened pores, which will get all the way to the deep layers of the epidermis. Your skin will certainly thank you for it. However, this is not the end of the advantages of a sonic brush. You can also use it to massage your face. Thanks to the appropriate spherical movements, which will be directed from the inside to the outside of your face, you will reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, improve skin tone, and drain the lymph that causes puffiness on your face.

In our opinion, buying a sonic toothbrush is a hit, regardless of your age. Besides, it was designed for repeated use. You only need to replace the batteries and you can use it for a long time. Of course, don’t forget to clean its surface and even disinfect it, so that germs that are harmful to your skin don’t collect on it. 

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