How to choose sunglasses for the shape of the face?

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How to choose sunglasses for the shape of the face?

Sunglasses, if they are to look great, must be matched to the shape of the face. How to do it?

Sunglasses nowadays are treated not only as protection from the sun. It is also a fashion accessory that can be the icing on the cake of the whole styling. You can also express your “true self” with them. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that they are tailored to the shape of our face, then you can be sure that they look perfect!

What kind of glasses for a square face?

People with a square face shape are characterized by strongly defined cheekbones, a pronounced jawline, which has a similar width to the forehead. What kind of glasses will look best in this case? Certainly those with rounded frames, which will optically soften the sharp facial features. Sunglasses in the shape of the so-called cat-eye and with round lenses will also work here. Avoid angular shapes, which will make the face appear even more square and the whole thing will not look good.

How to choose glasses for an oval face?

An oval face is considered ideal. Almost everything fits it. There is a reason why it is said that the owners of such a face shape are the real lucky ones. They will look great both in cat-eye glasses, aviators, round, square, as well as in those with fancy shapes such as hearts, polygons, etc. Such women can also successfully opt for decorated glasses, e.g. with zircons, 3D flowers, etc.

And what suits a round face?

A round face often looks a bit childish and chubby. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses for it, choose models that slightly sharpen the features. Here, models of the cat eye type, rectangular, with square glasses and any angles and folds will work. Avoid, without a doubt, round glasses, the so-called hippie flies and the once popular lenons.

The best models of glasses for a triangular face

A triangular face is characterized by a wide forehead and a fairly narrow chin. In this case, therefore, it is necessary to choose such models of glasses that will balance the proportions of the face. Models with an oval shape and pilots will be a good idea. Women who would like to wear the recently fashionable cat-eye, should opt for those in a slightly softer version. On the other hand, one should give up frames with a delicate bottom and expressive top, as well as those without frames – such could further emphasize facial disproportions.

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