Fatty Hair? Try these home remedies

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Fatty Hair? Try these home remedies

Oily hair is a common problem faced by both men and women. What are the main causes? The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming, and sexy

What are the causes of fatty hair?

What are the causes of fatty hair? The sebaceous glands in your hair produce excessive amounts of sebum when the scalp becomes irritated or dry. Fatty strands of hair are often the result of a thyroid gland dysfunction. This problem affects both pubescent girls and menopausal women. In some cases, fatty hair is caused by high testosterone levels, genetic predispositions or a vitamin-deficient diet. The fatty strands of hair may also result from improper hair care such as washing the hair improperly or using cosmetics, which are too strong or too weak and are not suitable for individual use. The best solution is mild preparations, which reduce sebum production and nourish the skin and hair from within.

How Do I Care for My Hair with Excessively Fatty Strands?

People with fatty hair first need to take care of it:

  • Such strands should be combed as infrequently as possible – preferably only in the morning and evening. Brushing your hair as infrequently as possible may therefore lead to an excessive sebum production.
  • It is equally important to choose the right hairstyle. Short layered hairstyles work best for your hair.
  • A wide-toothed comb is best for greasy hair.
  • It is best to take care of fatty strands of hair from the inside as well. For this purpose, animal fats should be kept to a minimum in your diet. The diet should be rich in products rich in zinc such as milk, eggs, yeast and spinach. You should also include products that contain vitamin B6, such as bananas, sardines and liver.

Home Remedies for Fatty Hair

The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming, and sexy. The methods are easy, inexpensive and, most importantly, effective. Here are the most popular patents for greasy strands:

  • Baking soda – this is a proven way to get rid of excess sebum, cosmetic residues, or various types of impurities. How to use it? add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to your regular shampoo and shampoo your hair as usual. Alternatively, you can wash your hair with a little baking soda dissolved in water. Note: This product should not be used more than twice a month. If used more often, it can lead to dryness of both hair and scalp.
  • Baking powder – to get rid of the problem with excessively greasy hair, dissolve 3 teaspoons of the product in 1 liter of water, apply it to your hair and after 20 minutes rinse it thoroughly.
  • Tea tree oil – to reduce excessive hair greasiness, 2 drops of the product should be added to the shampoo, rubbed into the hair and scalp, wait a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Herbal rinse – to prepare it you will need 10 g of nettle root and nasturtium herb and 250 ml of 60% spirit. Pour alcohol over herbs, leave for 2 weeks, strain and pour into a bottle. The concoction prepared this way should be rubbed into the scalp 3 times a week.
  • Lemon juice rinse – dilute the juice of one lemon in one liter of water and rinse previously washed hair with it.
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