How to get discount codes?

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How to get discount codes?

Promotions, sales, Black Friday, Black Weekend – you can save a lot on them (spend as well). Discount codes are an additional possibility, so you should know where to look for them.

1. On live streams and broadcasts

Surely you’ve already taken the basic step of observing a particular store or business on Facebook. It is possible that on the profile from time to time there will be an opportunity to participate in a training or webinar related to the topic of the brand and its products. During such events, discount codes are often “smuggled” in, which cannot be found later in the newsletter. So it’s worth taking part in them – you’ll gain not only knowledge, but maybe also a coupon with a discount.

2. In newsletters

Stores and companies operating via the Internet give their customers the opportunity to subscribe to their newsletter. You can easily find the link on the website, but it will probably be displayed on your screen right away. After providing your email, you can receive a code even for your first purchases (it usually has an expiration date), and over time also for subsequent purchases. In addition to discounts, you will also receive notifications about sales or promotions.

3. On websites

Many of them collect and segregate discount codes from various stores so that everyone can quickly find the ones that interest them. It is worth checking such sites as Picodi, Pepper, Codes or Zarabatowani. Unfortunately, you can often find there promotions that are no longer valid or simply links to the regular (or already discounted) offer without any additional code. Another disadvantage is that they are used by a lot of people and a given offer is valid “until stocks last”.

4. On blogs

If you have a few favorites, and on top of that quite popular ones, you’ve surely more than once caught a glimpse of discount codes offered on them. Usually they relate to stores and services related to the blog’s topic, but this is not a permanent rule. A blogger who cooperates with a given brand can create his own code, which can then be used by his readers. The more read the blog is, the more likely you are to find a coupon on it. Usually, the blog itself also offers an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter, which gives you twice the chance of getting a discount (as long as the blog offers some products).

5. While shopping

Very often after shopping (both stationary and online) a leaflet with a discount code is attached to the receipt (it can also be printed on the other side of the receipt). The discount applies to subsequent purchases at the same store and may have an expiration date.

6 On YouTubes

Youtube channel creators often enter into partnerships with brands, which in return create promo codes for them that viewers can use. So regularly check the descriptions of the videos, especially those on “shopping” topics that interest you.

7. In mobile applications

It is worth checking if the store has a mobile application. Thanks to it we will be informed about discount codes, promotions and sales on an ongoing basis. It will also make it easier for us to get acquainted with the offer and check the status of the order. Some discounts we can get only thanks to the application – after scanning the QR code.

8. On Instagram

Discount codes are most often offered to instagram influencers. If you notice that a company is mentioned in the description of a post, it is likely that the instagramer gives a discount code for their products below. Instagram creators care about making a strong connection with their audience, and many brands are aware of this, which is why they are the ones they most often offer collaborations to. In addition, it is also worth checking hashtags, which will allow you to find the promotion you are interested in. There are also accounts within this service that keep their followers updated about discounts and rebates. You can also find them on Facebook.

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