How to deal with hard and dry skin on your heels?

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How to deal with hard and dry skin on your heels?

The warmer months are fast approaching, and with them come flip-flops and sandals. It’s a good time to take care of your feet. How to deal with hard and dry skin on your heels? Here are proven methods that will improve your comfort!

Take care of your feet for spring and summer

Beautiful and well-groomed feet are undoubtedly the business card of every woman. Especially in spring and summer, when we wear open shoes, we want them to look their best. Hard, rough and dry skin is a common problem faced by many people – fortunately, it can be successfully solved. Calloused skin on your heels? Take action today and say goodbye to this problem. 

A foot bath? Great idea!

Regular bathing is normal for us, but we rarely pay special attention to our feet, especially if we choose the shower. In the bathtub, it’s a bit easier to take care of proper cosmetics for feet, although we also often forget about it or think that soaking in water is enough. Meanwhile, a noteworthy option is to organize a bath specifically for feet. Pour warm water into a bowl and keep your feet in it for about 15 minutes. Add to the water a mixture: two teaspoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of olive oil, to these four tablespoons of milk. This combination will help you smooth the skin. 

Peelings for heel skin

Hard skin on the heels is nothing pleasant, and in addition, it is unsightly. If this is your problem, take an interest in exfoliating scrubs. These do not necessarily have to be products specifically designed for feet. Go ahead and use the scrubs you already have in your bathroom for other areas of your body. Use a foot scrub as well. You can use it both dry and wet. Just make sure you don’t overdo it too often or you might inadvertently harm yourself! 

How to take care of dry feet?

The key to taking care of dry heel skin is to moisturize your feet. It’s definitely worth putting in the effort! Regular oiling of dry skin should become a habit – best done daily, always after bathing. Look for cosmetics in the drugstore that have a softening and smoothing, but also regenerating effect. This combination can work wonders! 

Cosmetics for feet – what to buy?

When it comes to cosmetics specifically for feet, the choice of preparations is quite large. However, it is understandable that if you are a beginner in the subject, you are not sure which items to reach for. First of all, get yourself a decent cream that will regenerate cracked and rough skin. Foot products also include concentrated masks that will make your feet soft and smooth. When it comes to scrubbing, as we’ve already mentioned, you can use any body scrub, preferably a coarse-grained one, although this also depends on your skin condition and is worth looking at individually.

Regularity is key

In the case of regeneration of hard and dry heel skin, there is no golden advice that will solve all problems. It is worth supporting, of course, the treatment at the beautician, but the best thing you can give your skin is regularity at home. Foot baths, daily creams, reaching for the scrub-if you can remember to do it all the time, your feet will thank you for it!

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