Long summer skirts – how to style them?

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Long summer skirts – how to style them?

Pastel and vivid, solid and patterned, flowy and fitted, pleated and plain, with or without slits – midi and maxi summer skirts return like a boomerang in summer. With what top to put them together? What shoes to choose? What about a handbag and jewelry? Below are the answers to these questions. Check it out and find out which styles with a skirt in the lead role are a hit!

Skirt for summer – long, airy, comfortable and for every woman?

Long skirts are a hot hit every summer. Depending on your preference, we can opt for knee-length, mid-calf or ankle-length. Contrary to appearances, this item of clothing suits all of us. We do not have to be tall and slim to wear a maxi skirt. Just remember to choose one that will maintain our proportions and even optically improve them. 

With fuller shapes, let’s pay attention so that our ankles and shoes are always visible, and almost all silhouettes look great in high-waisted skirts with an emphasized waist. If we have a larger belly, then we recommend wearing a blouse with a deep neckline. On the other hand, shorter women should not combine a long skirt with a cardigan or a coat – in this case, it is best to simply choose a short katana or a matching ramono. It’s also a good idea to bet on shoes with heels, a post or an anchor.

Long skirts are suitable both for everyday, and for work, and for evening meetings with friends, and even for a date. It all depends on the model. In addition, a long skirt masks the hips, thighs and calves, so it is an ideal garment when you do not necessarily want to expose these parts of the body.

Styling with midi and maxi skirt – examples

Now that we know that the long skirt is quite versatile – as sporty as it is elegant – we can now move on to discuss examples of styling. A hit is the combination of a pastel skirt with a simple white T-shirt and turtlenecks. In hot weather, we recommend matching a top with thin straps or a crop top – in a looser or fitted version, and for work – with a shirt or an elegant blouse.

Long tulle skirts look beautiful in wedding styling with a lace top or matching bodysuit, stilettos and striking jewelry.

Importantly, always follow the rule to match a patterned skirt with a solid top. Otherwise, we may overdo it. On the other hand, if we have a uniform skirt, nothing prevents us from matching it with a striking blouse with ornaments.

A summer look with a long skirt in the lead role goes well with sunglasses, a straw hat and a basket or a braided handbag. As for shoes, on the other hand, here we have a really big choice – flip-flops, as well as sandals, espadrilles and sneakers fit.

main photo: unsplash.com/Jonathan Borba

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