Beauty tricks you had no idea about!

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Beauty tricks you had no idea about!

Beauty tricks will make you look beautiful in any situation. Makeup artists and hair stylists like to use unusual tricks during photo shoots, but you can use them at home or at work. Find out the best ways to look beautiful.

Eye patches

Eye patches work wonders – they brighten delicate skin and make puffiness disappear. However, they are quite an expensive solution, and the individually packaged ones add to the production of garbage. You can replace the cosmetic with a product that is certainly in your kitchen cupboard. To make eye patches, you need black tea. All you need to do is brew it, and then with the resulting infusion you soak a cotton pad cut in half. After applying it under your eyes, wait 15 minutes and you will notice a brightening and reduction of puffiness.

Make your own body illuminator

A glowing complexion looks healthy, that’s why more and more women use highlighter even in their daytime makeup. You can also apply it on your body, especially on your collarbones, the tops of your arms and the sides of your calves. You don’t have to buy a special body highlighter. Use a face product that you have little left, is crumbly or you just don’t like using it on your cheeks. Mix it with your favorite lotion and apply it to the desired areas.

You don’t need mattifying blotting papers anymore

Do you have oily skin and your makeup doesn’t look fresh after a few hours? A popular solution to this problem are mattifying blotting papers, which remove excess sebum from your face. You can replace the product with a tissue. Just apply it to the shiny areas on your face, wait a moment and the sebum will disappear from your complexion. Don’t rub your face with the tissue to avoid ruining your makeup.

Thicken your Hairline in Seconds

Having your hair tied up in a ponytail looks girly and comfortable. Thinning strands of hair near the temples can be hidden with bronzing powder. Use a bronzing powder, which is free of fine particles and has the same color as your hair.

Know How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Effectively

Makeup brushes should be cleaned after each use so they don’t harm your complexion. You can remove the residue of foundation or concealer with coconut oil. Just dissolve it and combine with soap to get rid of the dirt from your cosmetics. The last step in cleaning your brushes should be to wash off the oily layer – you can do this in soapy water. Remember to position your makeup accessories properly after washing them – an upright position will prevent water from getting into the cap. If you don’t have coconut oil, that’s okay. Olive oil will also work well for this method.

Discover other uses for lipstick

Lipstick is used for lip makeup, but it can also have other uses. A matte lipstick works great as an eye shadow. Apply a small amount of lipstick and then blend it out with a puffy brush. This method will make buying a new eyeshadow palette unnecessary. You can already have the colors you like in your makeup bag.

Use this instead of brow gel!

Eyebrows look beautiful all day long when properly gelled. If you don’t use a gel, unruly hairs may shift, for example due to the fringe falling on them. There is no need to restock your make-up bag with hairspray to keep your eyebrows in place. Simply spray a toothbrush with hairspray and then brush through your hair.

Fatty Hair is No Longer a Problem

Are you heading to a meeting right after work and your hair does not look fresh? Do you have dry shampoo on hand? You can replace the product with translucent powder to keep your hair fresh for a few hours. Loose powder works well with this method. Apply the powder just above your hairline, pressing the brush gently against your scalp to achieve the same effect as with dry shampoo.

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