Wellingtons – is it worth buying them?

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Wellingtons – is it worth buying them?

Autumn has arrived, and with it comes frequent rainfall. You may be wondering if wellingtons are only suitable for children who like to jump over puddles? Or is it worth having such shoes in your “adult” closet as well?

Wellingtons – what are these shoes?

Kalosze, also known by such names as rubber boots or gumboots, are nothing more than shoes made of special rubber. Their main task is to protect feet and calves from getting wet, splashing and dirt. Originally they were meant to protect not the feet, but the footwear – they were a kind of shield from the elements and barely reached the ankles. Later, however, they were worn by soldiers fighting in swampy areas. They gained popularity especially after World War II, when everyone started wearing them. Most often, however, they were worn by workers, fishermen, anglers or mushroom pickers, i.e. those who came into contact with wet ground in their work or everyday life.

Today’s wellingtons usually end at mid-calf or even just below the knees. They are also used in many ways. An interesting variety are the so-called rubber boots, which are insulated wellingtons. In addition, now more and more willing to replace rubber with PVC plastic.

Wellingtons only for a child? Check if it is worth buying them for yourself!

There are many types of shoes that are a must-have in every woman’s closet. In all this there should also be a place for wellingtons. These are shoes in which, first of all, you can cover more kilometers on a walk, regardless of rain and mud. They are not intimidated by even the biggest downpour. In addition, at lower temperatures, it is enough to either put wool socks on your feet, or get a special warmer.

In favor of wellingtons is also the fact that they are visually attractive and fit into a wide variety of styling. They will successfully fit into everyday, streetwear or business outfits. They can be used in many ways, as proven by bloggers, trendsetters, models and influencers around the world.

Types of wellingtons – stylish suggestions

Wellingtons are practical footwear, but they can also look very stylish. It all depends on what model you decide on. And so among the proposals worthy of attention are:

  • wellingtons resembling slippers – you no longer have to wonder whether to choose fashionable or practical accessories. Daggers are loved by many women, so their design was used in the production of wellingtons. This is how the wellingtons perfectly imitating the hit models were created. In addition to the stilettos, they also imitate jackboots, boots and even glans;
  • wellingtons with decorative quilting on the upper – rain boots with characteristic quilting make the whole look more elegant. There is also nothing to prevent you from wearing them with pants, skirt or dress;
  • wellingtons in a wide variety of colors and patterns – the notion that wellingtons come only in dark, boring colors is nonsense. It is not only children’s versions that are cheerful and full of color, adult ones are too. And so, for example, we can buy wellingtons in red, pink, yellow, blue, caramel, polka dots, stripes or yet other patterns. Contrary to appearances, there are really quite a lot of such models.

As you can see, wellingtons are shoes that are definitely worth having in your closet. They are both comfortable, and practical, and fashionable. Do not wait, just stock up on at least one pair!

main photo: unsplash.com/sydney Rae

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