French style makeup – how to do it?

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French style makeup – how to do it?

For everyday, for evening, for blondes, brunettes or redheads – makeup for women in France is universal and classic. Moreover, it suits every type of beauty. See for yourself!

French women delight with their style not only in fashion, but also in makeup. Its task is to bring out the natural feminine beauty and emphasize the assets.

Make-up straight from France is primarily a classic in a sensual, but natural, edition. The first step is of course proper skin care – take care of your skin and do not cover imperfections with more layers of concealer or foundation.

Buy illuminating foundation, a light transparent powder and a delicate bronzer, blush and highlighter. Remember not to overdo it with face contouring or eyebrow highlighting – it’s definitely not recommended in this style.

The makeup of French women is based primarily on luscious, must-have red lips, a thin black line on the eye and carefully mashed eyelashes. This make-up is so versatile that it is suitable for almost any situation.

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