Pink makeup – hit or miss?

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Pink makeup – hit or miss?

Blush is a color that is often used in makeup. It emphasizes the assets of your beauty and makes your complexion look radiant and fresh. Not every shade of pink is universal and suits every complexion. When deciding on pink accents for your makeup, it is worth checking which variant will be the most advantageous for you. Pink make-up is a sure hit!

Pink Makeup Benefits

Applying pink makeup to your cheeks can easily change your makeup routine. A rosy cheek colour accentuates the cheekbones and pink lipstick makes your lips look more expressive. Pink eye shadow is also an interesting option to contrast with the warm shade of peach. If you are looking for stronger pink accents and inspiration for your evening make-up, try coloured eyeliner or blush with shimmering particles. This type of make-up will definitely be eye-catching

Main Photo: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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