How do I add volume to my hair?

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How do I add volume to my hair?

Is your hair dry and limp? Do you want beautiful, healthy hair? With the right care and styling tools, the unachievable is now a reality. We show you how to get more volume and confidence in your hair.

Volume is not determined by good genes or the length of your hair. It is all about the right cut and the right care. It is advisable to choose a hair stylist, who will advise you on what hair style is best for you and then follow the advice given by us

First, the Right Haircut

People assume that short hairstyles have more volume. However, this is not always the case. Admittedly, more volume is easier to achieve with short hair. But is it the desired volume? It all depends on the thickness of the individual hairs. Women often complain about fly-away hair and fatty hair. In this case, it is best to consult a stylist. We like to advise you to thin your hair well. This will lift the hair slightly at the roots and make it less dull

The Proper Care for Your Hair: Lightweight Shampoos

Long, fatty hair is a nightmare for many women. Especially in winter and autumn it is problematic because the hair stays hidden under a hood or a hat, which only makes it greasy. It is important to take proper care of your hair during this time of year. It is best to use natural cosmetics without parabens. It is best to avoid all shampoos, which are usually based on oils and therefore weigh down the scalp. If your hair is very greasy you should opt for mildly moisturizing products. The microparticles in such cosmetics coat the hair fibers, adding volume while moisturizing and cleansing the scalp very well. Once you have chosen the right shampoo, you should wash your hair properly. It is best to wash your hair in slightly cool water and the whole procedure should be performed twice. The cold water closes the hair cuticles, which makes the hair smoother and shinier

Proper conditioning and blow-drying

After shampooing, hair needs to be properly conditioned and regenerated. Conditioners as well as shampoos must not be saturated with synthetic additives, as they weigh hair down. Products should be gentle and natural. It is best to use spray cosmetics, a small amount of which nourishes and regenerates the hair, while making it easier to comb. After applying the conditioner you still need to dry your hair. Remember not to wipe the hair with a towel, as this is very damaging for the hair. To keep your hair thick and shiny you should use a hair dryer and a round brush. During the procedure your head must be facing downwards and the device set to a warm blast of air. If you have a hairdryer and a round brush at your disposal, it is worth trying to recreate the actions that hairdressers do in their salons. Single strands of dried hair should be twisted on the brush, and then dry them. It is best to start with the hair underneath. This way, the strands at the bottom will lift the ones at the top. It may be a good idea to take a closer look at the ends of your hair if the style is not quite as desired. If the ends are damaged and limp you may want to consider having them cut. If you find it difficult to part with your long hair, you may want to use liquid silk or dry oils for hair care. The latter not only improves the appearance of your hair but also creates a film around the hair, protecting it from damage, even thermal damage. It is important not to apply oils all over your hair as this will have the opposite effect

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