Draping – learn how to contour your face using blush!

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Draping – learn how to contour your face using blush!

Women have come to love contouring in their daily makeup. The face becomes slimmer in a few moments and its features are softened. Moreover, this method adds three-dimensionality to the makeup. Did you know that this effect can be achieved with blush alone? Learn how to easily create the perfect makeup look with just one cosmetic.

Draping is a new method of face contouring that has stolen the hearts of all women. The procedure slims the face and gives it a youthful appearance. Check what cosmetics to use to look beautiful and fresh every day

What is draping?

It is nothing else but a modern method of contouring the face with blush. In this makeup method bronzer and highlighter are not used. Properly done, draping gives your makeup a fresh and natural look. A well applied blush optically lifts the face and makes it look younger. Multi-coloured or mosaic type products work well with this method. It is better to have more than one shade of blush in your make-up bag. If you are a beginner in the world of make-up, it is good to use what you have at hand. The most basic set of cosmetics is two blushes – one lighter and one darker. It is best if they are kept in the same tone. Using several color variants in draping is extremely useful. It makes the whole process of face contouring easier and more pleasant

How do I contour my face properly?

For beginners two shades of blush are enough. They can be in the form of a fluid or compact. However, it is easier to use stone products, because usually there are several shades in one palette. The darker shade is used for face contouring – it is applied below cheekbones, while the lighter one is applied on cheekbones to effectively illuminate the make-up. Cosmetics can be applied with a brush, sponge or squares. It all depends on the consistency of the products you use. For cream blush it is recommended to use a brush with a cut end. If you have a cream blush, you can apply it with your fingers and then spread it with a sponge. Below we show you how to properly contour your face in a few simple steps

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to thoroughly even out the skin tone. This can be done with foundation, BB cream and concealer. At this stage it is recommended to fix the make-up with a transparent powder to make it last longer
  2. First choose a darker shade of blush. Apply the blush under the cheekbones, at the hairline and at the jawline. The aim is to create the contour of an oval face shape. This step replaces modeling with a bronzer. The same areas where bronzer is usually applied should be blended with a darker blush. The temples and neck should also be lightly blushed
  3. The next step is to blend the two shades of blush together. Apply the blush along the cheekbones. Apply the blush from the hairline, blending upward to the corners of the mouth with the brush pointing downward.
  4. Then apply a lighter blush. In this case, it replaces the highlighter. It should be evenly placed on the top of the cheekbones. For this purpose, you can confidently use a highlighting blush or even one with sparkly flecks
  5. The last step is to use a second clean brush or sponge. The different shades should be blended together on the face. The less visible the transitions are, the more natural the makeup looks. Care should be taken so that no single pink spots are created on the face

What do I have to be aware of when applying makeup?

In this type of makeup the most important thing is good blending. The right gradation of colors is the key to success. If the color of the blush is intense, you can lightly powder it, then its hue will be softened. Keep an eye on the amount of makeup you apply. Always shake off excess blush from the brush and use your fingers to apply a small amount of cream. This is an easy makeup to do, but remember to train yourself properly. The results will be spectacular

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