What to buy as a gift for a girl who loves fashion?

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What to buy as a gift for a girl who loves fashion?

Do you have a real modomaniac in your circle? From now on, buying a gift for Christmas, birthdays and even without an occasion will not be a problem at all. We present a handful of inspirations that will help you find a gift for the biggest fashion fan.

Furry flip-flops

The whole world has recently gone crazy about flip-flops with fur. Although they resemble slippers, they can serve not only as shoes for around the house. Fashionistas successfully go out on the town in them, wear them with jeans or dresses. They can serve all year round, and not, as fur suggests, only in winter.

Large checkered scarf

A large plaid shawl will certainly be appreciated by any fashion fanatic. It will come in handy not only in winter to protect her from the cold, but also in summer, especially when she spends it at the Polish seaside. It will provide a perfect veil against the wind, and in emergency situations will even serve as a blanket. One gift, and so many functions!

Corset belt

Thin belts are a thing of the past. For several seasons now, wide corset belts, made of leather or suede, have reigned supreme and will perfectly accentuate the waist. Certainly this trend will not soon be forgotten. Although they come in different colors, the most popular and versatile belts are brown, black or burgundy. 

Bottle bag

Ecological fashion has popularized gadgets that allow you to take even more care of the environment. Thus was born the idea of a water bottle bag, which even the biggest fashion houses have picked up. The case on a long strap comes with a thermal bottle, which allows you to conveniently transport water in any conditions.

Straw hat

Summer is the time of straw hats. Fashionistas wear them both on the beach and while walking around town. There are plenty of possibilities for their styling, so a girl who is interested in fashion will certainly be happy with such a gift. We advise you to bet on the classics and choose a hat in a natural straw color.

Retro-style collar

A fan of retro fashion will certainly appreciate this unconventional element of the outfit, which is the collar. It can be styled in many ways to obtain outfits of a real it-girl. Collars are available in many variants: made of leather, cotton, nylon, as well as richly decorated, such as pearls.

Tweed chain handbag

A true fashion fanatic will appreciate a tweed clutch bag on a chain inspired by Chanel’s handbag. The famous 2.25 has lived to see variations on its theme, which provide an interesting fashion alternative. Surely every fashionista has a special place in her closet for handbags – another one will fit there like a glove.

Chain for sunglasses

Seemingly inconspicuous gadget, but can add character to any styling. Jewelry chain for eyeglasses are the latest fashion. Their choice is overwhelming, so you are sure to find one that will suit the girl you want to bestow. A fan of retro style will be pleased with a chain made of pearls, and a boho aesthetic – with colorful beads.


A colorful scarf is another gift that can be used in many ways. It can be worn as a bracelet, headband, handbag decoration, hair elastic or most commonly – tied around the neck. An interesting pattern will certainly add variety and character to any styling. If you want a scarf to last as long as possible, choose one made of silk.

main photo: unsplash.com/Jess Bailey

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