How to look for gems in second-hand stores?

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How to look for gems in second-hand stores?

Do you want to dress interesting and original, but at the same time without spending a lot of money? The answer is simple: look in second-hand stores. It’s really worth it! Below we suggest the benefits of buying in such places and how to look to find lumpx pearls. Here are our tips!

Why is it worth buying in second-hand stores?

In a moment, we’ll give you our tricks for finding real hits in lumpx stores, but first let’s briefly focus on why you should shop there. There’s a reason why snooping around in second-hand clothes is experiencing a real renaissance – even groups and social media profiles are being created, where women and men share their acquisitions.

And so the unquestionable advantage is that in second-hand stores we can find unconventional and original items of clothing – from blouses and shirts, through shorts, pants and dresses, to jackets and outerwear. There is also no shortage of accessories – handbags, scarves, hats and jewelry. Many of them are really great quality, thicker, more pleasant to the touch and completely undamaged. Some may still have a tag. On top of that, there is little chance of meeting someone wearing the same clothes.

It is also not insignificant that they are available at attractive prices. So, depending on the store, we can have a price calculated per piece or by weight, per kilogram.

Second-hand clothing is also a form of recycling, the clothes are not thrown away, but are used for the next person – and the next… So we reduce waste, which is definitely good for the environment.

Tips and advice on how to look for gems in lumpeks

Now that we know why it’s worth buying used clothes, we can now move on to the substance: how to look for those pearls, unique and unrepeatable clothes. Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult at all.

Check out the men’s and children’s departments

Looking for clothes for yourself? Be sure to check out the other two departments – men’s and children’s. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find there. Women often hide clothes there, hoping to buy them on a day when everything is 2 zloty each or hit another such promotion. In addition, the men’s department is a mine of great jackets, shirts, trench coats and sweaters.

Come on delivery day

Waiting until the last day for the clothes to be at their cheapest? However, we recommend going to the lumberyard on the day of delivery – preferably in the evening – or the very next day. Then you’re sure you won’t miss anything, and the merchandise won’t be completely overdressed yet.

Patience pays off

Shopping in second-hand stores is not a short affair. Half an hour is definitely not enough to thoroughly browse every hanger. And that’s what we do – we check every item, every hanger. Sometimes it takes a little effort to find a gem. In addition, don’t get the attitude that you want to buy a sweater, so you browse only sweaters. No – look at dresses, pants and blouses as well, because you may find that a clothing hit is just waiting for you there.

Size from the label doesn’t matter

Finally, one more tip. Do you wear a size M and only look for one? That’s a mistake. Also check L, XL or even larger. Lumpx companies have all sorts of sizes, and it’s best to just try on what you like without suggesting the size on the tag.

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