Clove Oil – The Natural remedy for headaches, toothaches, and more

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Clove Oil – The Natural remedy for headaches, toothaches, and more

Clove essential oil is one of the oldest, most widely used, and most powerful essential oils in existence today. Clove essential oil has been used to relieve toothaches and as an overall natural remedy for headaches and muscle pain relief due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, clove essential oil has many other applications that are commonly overlooked. Read on to learn more about clove essential oil and its many uses!

What is Clove Essential Oil?

Natural remedies often rely on ingredients you can find in your kitchen, like cloves or clove essential oil. Used to soothe the pain from a headache, a toothache, or a sore throat, clove is one of the oldest medicinal herbs available. Propolis may help with gas, indigestion, and stomach aches due to its beneficial properties. In ancient Rome, it was used as a breath freshener. If you want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, all you need to do is apply two to three drops of oil on a cotton ball, put it in a drawer, or place it next to an object with a strong odor.

How to use Clove Essential Oil

In addition to being a natural pain reliever, clove oil has been used to cure toothaches. Clove oil is also an excellent way to get rid of a headache or reduce the severity of one. There are many different ways to use clove oil as a home remedy: 

  • To soothe insect bites or stings, simply apply clove oil directly onto the affected area. 
  • put two drops of clove essential oil and three teaspoons of carrier oil in your nose and around your neck to help reduce symptoms of a cold or cough. 
  • For a sore throat, simply gargle with water that has one drop of clove essential oil mixed in.
  •  If you want to freshen up your breath, you can even use clove oil. 

Is Clove Essential Oil Safe?

Clove oil is a mild anesthetic. It means that it numbs the area it is applied to. One other way that clove oil has been beneficial to health and well-being is its ability to alleviate localized pain. Common conditions treated with clove oil are headaches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle aches. It is often used for joint pain relief for those with arthritis or relief from the pains caused by overuse. If you want to take clove oil internally for pain relief, you can combine 1 drop of clove oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (such as olive or almond). Then apply this to the achy spots of the body twice a day until you stop experiencing the symptoms. It may be harmful to you to use clove oil if you have an allergic reaction to it or if you are sensitive to it. If clove oil comes into contact with broken skin, it can irritate. If you plan on using clove oil on a large area, such as your abdomen, or back, test a small amount on your arm first. Finally, because clove oil acts as a mild anesthetic, it should never be used on open wounds.

Uses of Cloves as an Antiseptic

  •  It can be used to treat cuts and wounds. 
  • Cloves can also be used to prevent or heal infections of the skin, mouth, or lungs. They are applied topically or taken internally. 
  • Cloves can be used to soothe a toothache when they are applied topically or made into tea.
  • Cloves can also be used topically, on insect bites or stings for the same effect, for killing any microbes that cause infection. 
  •  Cloves are also used in aromatherapy to help ease stress.

Where to buy clove oil?

There are many sources you can buy clove oil from. Some of the most popular places to buy them are health food stores or natural medicine stores. It can also be purchased online. You need to know that not all oils are created equal. Make sure the source of your purchase is a credible one. 


Clove oil is a natural remedy that can help soothe many different ailments. It has been a traditional folk remedy since medieval times and is still found in many households today. If you enjoy cooking with cloves or using them to freshen your breath, you already know how powerfully aromatic they are. But did you know that when used as aromatherapy, cloves can also be relaxing for the body and mind? Use a few drops in your bath water or diffuser to ease sore muscles, menstrual cramps, or tension in the back muscles. Visit the website to learn more about this essential oil.

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