Natural highlights? Check out the latest trends

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Natural highlights? Check out the latest trends

Thinking about refreshing your hairstyle for summer, but need some inspiration? There is one strong trend in hairdressing right now: natural highlights! They are the ones that will brighten up your hair and give it a natural lightness. Top model Elsa Hosk has opted for them, and we have to admit that she looks sensational in them! See why you too should consider changing your hairstyle.

This summer halo highlights reign supreme on hair! Natural highlights get their name from the halo effect, which appears in the sky when the light from the sun or moon refracts and reflects off the ice crystals in the feathery clouds. In this way, we can observe a luminous circle in the sky around the sun or moon.

The same is supposed to happen to our hairstyle. It is supposed to be illuminated, radiant and thus enliven our face. In addition, thanks to the effect of natural reflections, our hairstyle will also gain volume.

For whom halo highlights?

The most fashionable coloring of this season can be afforded by anyone. A person who opts for natural reflections is sure to collect a whole lot of compliments. If you are afraid of drastic changes on your head, halo highlights are for you! The coloring does not radically modify our appearance. The highlights look good on any hair length, so you don’t have to give up your favorite cut. The color of the hairstyle is not particularly important either. When deciding on halo highlights, simply choose a dye that is a tone lighter.

What do halo highlights look like?

Halo highlights are natural-looking highlights on the hair that give a brightening effect. Darker and lighter tones should occur side by side. For the right effect, make sure that the lighter shades appear at the top of the head, near the roots of the hair, to create a halo effect. Thanks to the optical “ring of light”, the hairstyle will gain volume and multidimensionality, and the hair color will become more striking and ethereal.

How to make halo highlights?

The halo highlights coloring focuses on the combination of light and dark hair strands. The lighter ones should be at the roots, from the top of the head, to subtly frame the face. This effect can be achieved by using foil or hand-painting each strand. The second method is admittedly much more labor-intensive, but will give us a more subtle effect of color transitions.

Halo highlights coloring, thanks to its subtle and natural effect, does not require frequent visits to the hairdresser. So we save not only time, but also money.

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