New Scrub Tops for Those with a Long Torso!

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New Scrub Tops for Those with a Long Torso!

Have you ever had trouble finding scrub tops that fit correctly? If so, you may want to give one of these long torso scrub tops a try. These comfortable tops come in several great colors and styles, so you can finally find the right top to wear with your scrubs. Whether you’re looking for solid colors or patterns, get the perfect top to go with your scrubs today!

Do you have a large torso but short legs?

Do you have a long torso but short legs? If so, then finding clothes that fit can be really difficult. It’s hard enough to find clothes that are long enough in the torso and hips, but if you’re also looking for something that will cover your thighs, then it seems like an impossible task. Thankfully, we’ve created our new scrub tops just for those of you who need extra coverage in the torso and hip area. These scrub tops are designed specifically to go down below your hips, which means you’ll be covered all the way from your waist up to your chest! Check them out today and see how much easier life can be when you can finally find clothes that fit well.

How do scrubs work when we can’t find pants that fit?

Most people have a hard time finding scrub bottoms that fit, but oftentimes find tops that are too short. The solution? Find scrubs that are long torso friendly. For those who need scrubs to be longer in the torso area, there’s a new type of scrub top on the market called long torso scrubs. You can find them on sites like Amazon and they come in all sorts of colors and styles. There are even some brands specifically made for those who have difficulty finding tops long enough in the torso area like Dickies and Cherokee Workwear.

Where can I find scrubs that fit my tall body type?

Most people don’t realize that scrubs come in different lengths. There are tall, regular, and short scrubs and they typically range from 32-34 in length. Unfortunately, most scrub manufacturers only offer the standard size or the tall size which can be too long on those with a shorter torso. Thankfully, there are some brands that have created scrub tops tailored to those who have longer torso and need shorter scrubs.

What about plus size scrubs?

When you are shopping for scrubs, it can be difficult to find ones that fit your long torso. But we’ve got your back covered! Enter our new scrubs tops with extra length in the body and sleeves. These scrub tops will give you the coverage and comfort you’re looking for without bunching up at the waist or having short sleeves.

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