Want to prolong your vacation tan? Try these tried and tested methods

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Want to prolong your vacation tan? Try these tried and tested methods

Sunny, hot summer days will pass before we know it, and with them our tan. How to enjoy your holiday tan longer? Here are some proven methods

Tanning has its opponents and die-hard fans alike, for whom a pale complexion in summer is unacceptable and lounging in the sun – whether on the beach or in a more domestic setting – is one of their favorite pastimes during the long, hot days. Unfortunately, because summers can often be intense but short, tans also fade quickly. But there are ways to extend your summer tan and enjoy its effects even after your vacation.

Start with a scrub

This is an often overlooked step when tanning. Body peeling will prepare your skin for tanning, and exfoliating your skin will make it smooth, so you’ll get an even tan without spots and unevenness. Exfoliation will also help your skin better absorb cosmetics and skin care products, including sunscreen and moisturizing lotions. So which peel should I use? A few weeks before sunbathing, it’s best to use a coarse-grained scrub. After sunbathing, the best choice is a delicate, fine-grained scrub. Remember not to use it too often – twice a week is absolutely enough. After exfoliating you should also remember to moisturize your skin

Speak of the devil

Moisturizing is the basis of a long-lasting tan. When our skin is dry, the tan fades quickly. That is why proper moisturizing is so important. Let’s not only take care of well-chosen cosmetics, such as lotions and body milks with good composition, but also ensure proper hydration – drink as much water as possible: at least 1.5 liters a day. It goes without saying that all kinds of sweet sodas drunk in large quantities adversely affect not only our health but also our complexion, just like alcohol.

Pay attention to what you eat!

Perhaps surprising, but a proven way to prolong your summer tan is a proper diet. It’s recommended to eat products rich in beta-carotene, which plays an important role in our body because it’s responsible for producing vitamin A. It provides the skin with a golden-brown shade, making it look not only truly holiday, but also healthier. The vegetable we associate most with beta-carotene is carrot. Just one glass of carrot juice a day will have a positive effect on your tan (and your health!)

Help the sun

The last step to a long-lasting tan is the use of bronzing creams and self-tanners. Applying them to your already tanned skin will make it last longer and even out your tan. It’s important to choose a good tanning lotion – one that works gently and doesn’t give your skin an orange shade, which looks unsightly, or leave streaks on your body. This is something we want to avoid at all costs!

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