Orange nails – find out the latest trends!

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Orange nails – find out the latest trends!

Did you know that orange nails are a real hit of the season? If you are looking for inspiration for the vacations, this is a good lead. We suggest what manicure to bet on to be on top in summer 2022!

Orange nails for summer – this is it!

This season forget about pink or red. Stylists have no doubt that currently on the nails rules the color orange – associated with peaches and sunsets, truly holiday, tempting and simply one of a kind. It’s worth finding out about it and bet on an amazing manicure, thanks to which everyone will pay attention to your hands.

Orange nails – neon or pastels?

This is the dilemma facing many girls going to the manicure salon. Which shades to bet on, neon or, however, pastels? Although the first association with vacations is intense colors, we must admit that pastel orange also looks great. So we suggest depending this choice on the style of clothes you prefer. If you are most fond of light romantic dresses with floral patterns, then pastels will be a great option. On the other hand, girls who appreciate modern, basic styling are sure to go for neon orange.

What design to choose for orange nails?

How about liven up your manicure a bit by adding some patterns to it? Sure, why not! This will work well with both pastel shades and neon shades. A real hit at the moment are ombre patterns. Such a nail design goes well with most clothes, and, above all, gives your nails a real holiday vibe. It also looks great in photos, which is why ombre is very popular with insta girls.

Summer motifs on orange nails

If your manicurist is exceptionally talented, it should not be a problem for her to make holiday designs on nails. What can be drawn on an orange manicure? Certainly everything that connects with vacations. Citrus, flowers, or maybe a drink with a palm tree? You have to admit that this can be a sensational combination. Fancy designs on orange nails is something that works very well. It’s worth finding out for yourself. If you never happened to go crazy with patterns, maybe today is the day?

What shades go well with orange nails?

In fashion is still a manicure composed of different colors. What shades will be perfect for orange nails? Bet on holiday colors, such as yellow, pink, and even blue or green. There is no room for boredom – a holiday manicure can be multicolored.

If you like striking juxtapositions, a black and orange manicure can also be a good option. You have to admit that this is an option for confident and determined women!

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