Pajamas for the winter season – which models to choose?

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Pajamas for the winter season – which models to choose?

Feeling soft and comfortable while sleeping is important all year round, but especially in the winter. This time of year we often get cold and catch colds, which affects the quality of our sleep. What kind of pyjamas to choose in order to feel good?

Nowadays we spend most of our time at home. As we lead such a lifestyle, we are more likely to dress in things that are more comfortable. There is a reason why many fashion brands have brought out tracksuits into their collection for the upcoming season. Wearing a nice tracksuit, we will feel much better than wearing old and stretched out leggings. The same is also true for pajamas, in which we now spend no less time than in tracksuits

Which pajamas are the warmest?

In the collections of chain stores there are many models that are perfect for winter nights. Etam is a brand that focuses on ecology. In the special Wecare collection, you will find many pyjamas in various editions, including warm fleece pyjamas. Pajamas from this collection can be recycled later. The three-piece models are the perfect choice for those who rely mainly on warmth in winter. The third part is a warm sweatshirt that you can put on as soon as you get out of bed. It is so comfortable that we may not notice that we spent the whole day in it. Comfortable and woolen pajamas are also worth looking for in other chain stores, such as H&M or Oysho. This year, companies have prepared a really wide offer.

Which pyjamas are the most feminine?

Each of us wants to look beautiful also at home, but let’s not deprive ourselves of comfort as well. Looking into the offers of Polish brands, we found many wonderful pajamas, worth attention. Polish company Patrizia Aryton is a brand that puts femininity and quality first – from the design, through the fabric, to the final result. It has just launched its extraordinary Sensual collection. It’s as feminine as the brand’s entire philosophy, and we can’t think of another name that fits better. The collection consists of various silk pyjamas: nightdresses, two-piece pyjamas and also a set with a robe. In such pajamas, we will feel like at an elegant party. Coffee in such an outfit immediately tastes different

Son Trava brand created by Victoria Kapriz, who wants women to feel special in her clothes. This time she proposes pajamas made of high quality materials, very sensual and delightful in their appearance. Beautiful, delicate shirts for sleeping and airy robes create a romantic character. Her designs are made of silk and cotton, which go well together. Everything is sewn in Polish sewing rooms. Especially now, let’s remember to support Polish brands

Where to find natural linen pajamas?

Another Polish brand is Lyko Warsaw, which is definitely ahead of its time. It’s a young company that launched in 2020 and immediately wowed everyone. They create beautiful linen clothing that is different from others available on the market. And most importantly, their products are multi-functional. Thanks to well thought-out designs and excellent workmanship, they are perfect as pajamas. They impress with their softness and naturalness. This is a real treat for all those who are interested in minimalism or life in the spirit of zero waste. Linen works great as a material for sleeping, it is airy and comfortable.

Which pyjamas to choose for winter?

The choice of pajamas is very large. You can adjust the pajamas to your needs. If you want to always feel sensual and feminine, bet on silk pyjamas. They will make us feel like never before. Women, who care about their skin, will surely appreciate linen pyjamas. When choosing pajamas, always pay attention to the material they are made of. Natural materials will provide comfort during sleep, the skin will be able to breathe, and we will rest perfectly.


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