Women’s shirts that will never go out of style

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Women’s shirts that will never go out of style

Women’s shirts are versatile and timeless garments. You can combine them in different variations and be sure that they will fit your outfit for every occasion. Check which shirts will never go out of fashion.

White classic shirt for women

We associate it with school and university times, but in fact it can be worn on many other occasions. It is, above all, elegant. It will suit both a woman’s suit and a short black skirt. In a more formal version, it will surely go well with a tailored jacket or a button-down sweater. To make the shirt really elegant and suit us perfectly, it is worth pairing it with classic pants and skirts. If we choose a shirt with a classic cut, it will be a great complement to styling with high-waisted pants. Thanks to such a top, our styling will look phenomenal and classic at the same time

White shirt looks very good also in more urban version, with jeans and moccasins. This combination will surely make you look younger, if you match it with a long necklace and a leather jacket. Such styling will never disappoint – it will be suitable both for an evening out and for work. A white shirt can also be a slightly unconventional addition to shorts, including paper bag shorts. If we opt for a slightly oversized cut, its front can be placed behind the belt, which will emphasize the waist. Paired with ballerinas or platform sandals, you can create an interesting and extremely summer look, which will never go out of style. White shirts can also be used as an overcoat instead of a jacket. Dressed over a short top they will make us look nonchalant and certainly very sexy.

Comfortable denim shirt

Jeans will never go out of fashion. During the holiday season, denim shirts come back again and again, and can be found in many versions. Very feminine are models with printed patterns or embroidery, which look beautiful on the body. They add a little flirtatiousness and are a great decoration in themselves. You can wear them alone or in combination with a leather jacket. Combinations of different denim shades and types are also interesting. A lighter denim shirt can look great with thicker jeans and a denim jacket in a different shade. Match with leather boots or stilettos with buckles. A denim shirt can give you a lot of charm and is perfect for a summer barbecue with friends or an evening out, which is a bit less obliging.


Loose flannel shirt

Long time ago flannel shirts are not associated with lumberjacks or men working on the construction site. In women’s version they are very sexy and charming. Fitted flannel shirt in classic checkered pattern can surprise us with its unusual look. It goes well with jeans, but can also be matched with leather jacket or pants. It gives our styling a bit of rock style and nonchalance. It will certainly make our look more extravagant and youthful.

Delicate shirt with embroidery

Shirts with floral or geometric embroidery will surely make our styling more feminine. Embroidery placed on the back or on the pocket of the shirt will add charm to the styling and will be a beautiful complement to it. You will not need many accessories to feel beautiful and feminine in such a shirt. Thanks to such a detail we will create a unique and one of a kind styling. Embroidery is back in fashion, which makes it possible to put it not only on jackets, but also on women’s shirts. They are no longer associated with folk fashion, and with different embroidery patterns, you are sure to choose something for yourself. A similar pattern can be placed on our jacket or even jeans. It will be a great complement to your look.

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